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Ammo: What do you like at the range?


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  • Ammo: What do you like at the range?

    when you are shooting your personal guns at the range, what kind of ammo do you perfer? i just picked up an H&K USP Compact .40 and i'm wondering what i should take out with me this weekend. i plan on trying a few brands to see what the USP likes but i thought i'd see what every one else is shooting.

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    My Handloads - I load right around 10,000 rounds a year, mostly .45 and 9mm.
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      While I'm just a regular civillian who CCWs occasionally, at the range in my handgun, I shoot a bunch of cheap FMJ ammo. This is usually UMC or Winchester White Box. I'd avoid Wolf in non russian guns, however other people feel otherwise. I'll also run through a box or so every month of my "carry" ammo which is either gold dots or hydrashocks.

      Depending on where you live you can order ammo online for fairly low cost, or look for gunshows or walmart for good deals on cheap FMJ stuff. I'd avoid buying at the gunstore or range because they tend to mark their stuff up more then what you could find in other stores.

      I also happen to own a .40 gun too. I pay slightly higher prices because I live in Alaska and I can't get cheap ammo off the internet, so I pay around 10 or 11 bucks for 50 rounds of FMJ(UMC, white box, etc). If you so choose, you can also get into reloading which is a totally different world and really customize your loads for performance and what not.


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        the cheapest 9mm ball www.ammoman.com has to offer, right now i'm almost done with the last 1000 rounds of federal m882 ball i ordered


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          Usually whatever is on sale between Winchester white box, CCI blazer and UMC. Have also used Speer, Federal american eagle and PMC, but not that often. Will also practice a couple of times a year with carry ammo. Federal Hydra shoks and Winchester silvertips.


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            winchester white box
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              Originally posted by GoGo Gadget
              The free stuff. Federal 180gr HydraShocks and Federal 135gr Ballisticlean for shooting steel. I am lucky, we get 2 boxes every trip to the range, so I just keep swinging by and picking up ammo.
              now THAT'S a sweet deal :-)


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                When I'm shooting .40 I use the department issued Federal FMJ training ammo. It's free! When I'm shooting my nine or the .45, I buy the cheapest FMJ I can find. I don't use the steel Wolf-type stuff.
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