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    i'm looking to pick up an H & K USP .40 and a SIG P220R .45. where's the best place to shop for the best price. i'm planning on getting one and my buddy (civilian) is planning on getting the other. thanks...

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    find a gun show... Ive found some great deals there, plus the ammo is dirt cheap.

    Good luck


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      If you know someone with a FFL, buy wholesale through Shotgun News, you won't get a better price.
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        You can also shop around on gunbroker.com. Just keep in mind they add shipping charges and the FFL you use to receive it will charge you something. Still you can get some deals there.


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          Best prices on Glocks, Sigs, and they should be able to get you anything. Just have a dept letter.


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            Target World Inc.

            Try Target World Inc, in Chalfont PA. I don't know where in PA you are, but they are a little north of Philly. They give discounts to LE, DOD, and any citizen belonging to a local gun or sportsmens club. I recently ordered an A-3 through them at a little more than $100 cheaper than through any local guys here near Harrisburg. I will also not have to pay additional transfer fees because they are close enough I don't feel bad about driving to pick it up and also look at the facility.

            Target World, Inc.

            edited to add: If you click on the Online Store, you are actually viewing Davidson's, not Target World's stock. You will have to call or e-mail for pricing and availability at their store.
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