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    I carry a Kahr PM9 in an ankle holster to accompany my Glock 17. While this may not be the ideal place, it is accessible while sitting in a vehicle and it is fairly comfortable.


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      ..........double post...............
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        What if you DID find that certain someone to stand in front of you and he had a .45 ACP in hand and you still had to draw your .380?
        Verbal judo. Remember, that second weapon is a backup. Ideally, your primary would be much faster to deploy. The backup is for when your primary weapon becomes lost or damaged. That implies that you had at least already drawn it.

        The .380 is still better than a knife.
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          jjr1134 that's a scary story. I carry a glock on the the ankle but up in rank and not in the trenches anymore. Doesn't mean it can't happen to me though. Nothing's impossible.
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            I carried a S&W J-Frame clipped inside my vest for 15 years in uniform and it worked well. These days I backup my issued Glock 22 with a 27 doing warrants.


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              I just heard of a BUG spot that I've never heard of before.

              I just sat through a training session on ground-fighting tactics and they showed video footage of an officer and his K9 partner fighting with a suspect. Many of you have probably seen the same footage on about dozen of those 'World's Wildest/Scariest/Most Dangerous/Etc. Police Videos' shows. Up to this point, I'd only seen the couple minutes of footage. But the video we watched actually interviewed the officer and he gave a blow-by-blow description of what happened.

              The short version. He made contact along with a group of bangers. The officer went to pat a guy down (from the front, uncuffed -- one of his admitted first mistakes) and the fight was on. The cop activated his door opener and the dog (Princess -- scary, huh?) lunged in and knocked the BG off the cop. More fighting ensued and the BG got the cops Sig out of his holster. The dog was harassing the guy so much, he swung the gun at the dog, hitting it in the head. The dog backed off, but the gun also hit the ground. This caused the slide to move back enough to partially eject the round and cause a stovepipe. It saved the cops life. The BG put the gun to the cop's head and pulled the trigger several times to no avail. Then the dog came back in and continued biting the BG. The officer took the opportunity to get up, pull his BUG and fire 5 rounds at the BG, which ended the altercation as well as the BG's life (YAY!)

              The officer's BUG was a .32 AMT Backup that he kept in a spare cuff case on his belt. That was a new one. Granted a .32's a bit small and AMT doesn't have the best reliability record. But North American Arms has a well-regarded new .32 that might fit in a similar spot. And a small back-up gun's better than none when you need it.
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                Kirch, I remember reading about that situation. Granted it would be great if we could all carry a full power back up, but I'd rather have ANYTHING than nothing. Chances are that if you have to use your BUG, it's going to be something up close and personal. I know my .40 back up is good to about 15 yards, and after that, I can still hit what I'm aiming at, but there isn't much grouping. My point is, if the only BUG you have is a .22, carry it!
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                  Kahr P9 in a small simple holster on my vest, under my shirt.

                  I've worn one on my ankle before. Got into this big fight at a family DV situation with their family around. While tussling on the ground, one of the family members was pulling on my leg to get me off their uncle... thankfully, they get the gun out OR during that time, the holster unsnapping and the gun falling out.

                  no problems under my shirt in the many, many years.
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                    G26 in a Galco Ankle Band
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                      S&W model 642, right side front pocket in a grippy holster from Uncle Mike's (since we have the "big *** redneck key chain" anyway). Pockets are deep enough it never moves. 5 shot / .38 +p. If I had the scratch I'd go with the titanium model 7 shot...but $850...damn...


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                        I was considering a Kahr PM-9 as a BUG when my dealer suggested trying the Springfield XD 3". Another guy in the dept. let me try it and I was really impressed. Quality construction and a SMOOTH trigger. There's a sweet deal from Springfield right now...pistol, Fobus roto-holster, 2 10-round, and a 15 round for around 460 + tax (US).

                        Placed my order today. Probably go for an ankle holster. Any suggestions?


                        PS--also tried Kahr .40 and Kel-tec p-9. Kel-tec had horribly bad trigger..the creep and travel were waaaayyy excessive and the let off seemed to be full travel. The kahr was nice, but too big for a BUG.
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                          Originally posted by KenW.
                          My Department's backup policy is the same as the off-duty policy. Must be .38 Special or larger. Where to carry is up to you. I like a Colt Defender on the ankle (unless you must run). And it accepts the magazines from my primary weapon.
                          That is my department's policy as well. However, if I ever have to use a backup gun I am alot more worried about being alive after using it than I am worried about disregarding policy. You have to be alive to get chewed out or written up.


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                            Originally posted by 1BAD-SS
                            That is my department's policy as well. However, if I ever have to use a backup gun I am alot more worried about being alive after using it than I am worried about disregarding policy. You have to be alive to get chewed out or written up.

                            Better to be tried by 12 than carried by 6. Remember the most important part of your job is to go home at the end of your shift!

                            Taurus PT100ssns .40 S&W on my hip and a Kel-tec P11 9mm on my ankle, while on duty.

                            P11 in IWB Comp-tac C-T.A.C. Off duty.

                            Remember all guns (regardless of manufacturer) are just machines and, all machines fail. It's murphy's law " anything that can go wrong, will go wrong". I know that some people here will argue with me about this but, I feal that when it is my "time to go" it will not matter what gun I am carrying so I carry what I like and don't worry about what every one else says.
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