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    Glock 27 in a shoulder holster under duty shirt. Wore it on the ankle for 14 years until I got phlebitis in my ankle. Only have to have it once and it will cause you to change your carry mode. It takes getting use to, but it's easy to deploy.

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      A Glock 26, of course. Galco ankle holster.


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        Even though I've carried a glock 26 as bug and occasionaly carry it for off duty, I know I'm showing my age but my 2 inch J frame in 38spc+P still is my favorite BUG. It is a great grappling gun when you get down, dirty, up close and personal. I keep it velcroed to my vest.


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          I'm looking for a BUG right now. I've narrowed to to:
          Beretta 3032 Tomcat: $358-443

          CZ 2075 Rami: $559
          Kel-Tec P-11: $314-368
          Springfield X-D Sub-compact: $ 498-570

          Glock 30: $641-805
          Glock 36: $641-805
          Tarus Compact Millenium Pro: $461-500

          I thought about the keltec p-32 but if I'm gonna put the same amount of cash into it I might as well get a 9mm. I'm really not wanting to go over $500 if I can. Any opinions on these guns, especially the glock 36 compared to the glock 30.

          Important to note my duty weapon is a glock 21 so a .45 would be nice.
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            There seems to be a great deal of variety in bug policies out there. I can't carry anything smaller than .38 special/9mm. I don't know that I'd trust my life to anything as small as some of you do. I'll just with stick with a .45
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              Glock 27 in an ankle holster. Its the only BUG the agency will allow us to carry. Can only be carried on ankle.


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                glock 26, uncle mikes body armor holster, left side


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                  I carry a Glock 27 as a back up gun and have done so for 10 of my 17 years. It sits comfortably on my ankle and has never fallen out during countless foot chases, scuffles and one flash-flood. If you're gonna carry a bug, make sure it will work after being exposed to dirt, mud, water, and even belly button lint. Glocks work PERIOD!

                  Having a back up that looks, feels and operates the same as well as uses the same ammo and larger mags are all a plus in my book. I carry a G-22 for duty backed up by it's little brother my G-27.
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                    With my old vest, I modified the trauma plate pocket to hold my BUG against my chest and it was easily accessible with either hand.

                    Now I have a new vest and I can't do that, so I got an Uncle Mike's vest holster with a removeable retention strap. I found out early NOT to remove the strap. The first time I bent over to check on a passed out party-goer, my BUG fell out of my holster and was banging around loose under my uniform shirt until I could get back to the squad car and secure it.

                    My first BUG was a S&W 442 in .38 Sp. I decided to change it out after a couple of months primarily due to ammo compatability -- my primary is a 9mm and I didn't want to have to be carrying two kinds of ammo.

                    I sold the 442 and purchased a S&W 3913 in 9mm. Almost identical operation to my Beretta 92 primary, runs the same ammo and has 8+1 as opposed to the 442's 5 rounds. Not as light as the 442, but about as slim.

                    Now I'm in the process of getting another 442, 642 or something similar to use for CCW. I sure miss that gun.
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                      I have a Glock 30 and would not trade it. I have smaller hands, but I would not go for the Glock 36 (narrower grip). I have no issues shooting my 30, but I just don't believe the 36 would be as kind to shoot. I don't believe the 36 saves much space when you compare it to the reduction in rounds. I believe ??? the 36 only holds 7 while I know the 30 holds 11.


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                        My department doesn't authorize back up weapons BUT I carry a Sig 232 in a G&G Boot Lock holster off duty... Its there tight... It has never shifted or fell out...

                        As for the calber.... whats a back up weapon for..... .380 is better than .oh sh**


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                          I actually carry a Gerber double-edged boot type knife on my vest. It's flat, therefore completely concealable. It's also much more quiet that a firearm if you need to be stealthy about taking out your adversary. Hint: don't try this at home unless you've been well trained with knives.
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                            Originally posted by plnkownr87349
                            My department doesn't authorize back up weapons BUT I carry a Sig 232 in a G&G Boot Lock holster off duty... Its there tight... It has never shifted or fell out...
                            Thats BS. What is thier assinine reason??

                            I carry a G30 inside my external vest. Sometimes pending on the situation where I wear my vest eternally I either velcro or belly band a holster with either G30 or my SW Airlite .38. Other times I may wear the .38 in an ankle but not in the winter, since I don't want it getting wet and mucky cause of the snow.

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                              A Taurus 617 total Ti 7 shot .357 Mag., attached to my body armour.
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                                G26 in aker hideout holster on vest straps (so can draw with my weak hand).

                                For use on body armor straps I highly recommend the aker holster (~$20) which is much better than the uncle mikes nylon model (which I tried first). The aker holster has held my G26 in place during foot pursuits, tumbles and fights.

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