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  • Duty Weapons

    What duty weapons are you given?

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    Handgun: Glock 35 .40 caliber pistol.
    Shotgun: Remington 870 12 Guage
    Rifle: Ruger Mini-14 .223 caliber.

    ASP baton
    Freeze +P OC Spray

    Many of our guys are now issued Tazer M26's.
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      Full time= Baretta Model 96, Rem. 870 12 ga.

      Part Time= Glock 22, Mosberg 12 ga., DPMS M4 .223
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        Glock 21 .45 cal
        Remington 870 12 ga.
        Marlin 9mm Carbine
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          SIG 220 - .45ACP
          Rem 870 - 12 ga. 18" rifle sights
          In budget negotiations.....AR-15
          Secondary/Off Duty - anything =/> .38 most have .38+P snubs for Secondary and a .40 or larger for Off Duty.
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            Issue sidearm: SIG P226 in .357SIG
            Issue Shotgun: Remington 870 w/extended magazine tube
            Issue rifle : Ruger Mini-14 w/ 1 20 rd mag and 1 30 rd mag
            Backup/Offduty: Any reputable handgun minimum caliber of 9 x 19mm

            Supervisors (Sergeants & above)

            Sidearm : may carry either issue P226 or other personal pistol from a reputable manufacturer in at least 9 x 19mm, all currently carry either the SIG P220 in .45ACP or the Glock 21 in .45ACP.
            Shotgun : Same Remington 870 as patrol officers
            Rifle : Either Ruger AC-556 or M-16/M-4 carbine

            Certain assigned specialists also carry either a precision long range rifle or short barreled remington 870 with folding stock and breaching rounds.

            If you carry it you must qualify with it three times a year.
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              Handgun H&K USP .45
              Back Up Glock 27 .40
              Shotgun Remington 870 12g
              Rifle Colt M16A1


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                Well, as a reserve I was not "issued" a weapon, but I carry on duty:
                -Glock 19
                -NAA .32ACP Guardian backup & off duty
                -Remington 870 in most patrol cars I use
                -pepper spray
                -Asp batton

                A few guys in our department are carrying Tasers.


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                  kimber eclipse .45
                  remington 12ga
                  bushmaster m4 .223
                  bean bag shotgun
                  pepperball gun


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                    Handgun- S&W .45 cal, switching to Glock 22 in the near future.
                    Shotgun- Remmington 870
                    Rifle- Mini-14 which is mine not department issue.


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                      This is what is confusing sometimes. Some officers will carry a .45, or a .40, and some carry a 9mm G19, which is a small gun, (no punt intended for the G19). In most cases, does it come down to Department regulation or preference?
                      Stay Safe!!


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                        Glock 17 or 19.
                        Pepper Spray.

                        Minimalist approach
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                          Originally posted by badger

                          Secondary/Off Duty - anything =/> .38 most have .38+P snubs for Secondary and a .40 or larger for Off Duty.
                          You can't carry a 9mm or .38/.357 when you're off-duty?!?!


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                            Originally posted by jnojr
                            You can't carry a 9mm or .38/.357 when you're off-duty?!?!
                            That sucks, what can you carry??
                            Stay Safe!!


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                              Issue is a H&K USP .40. Allowed personally owned alternative of quality manufacture, either .40 or .45. 9mm only allowed as backup / off duty weapon, forbidden as primary sidearm.

                              Taser X-26
                              Pepper Spray
                              Mossberg 500 or 590
                              Working on buiding a qualification for AR-15/M-16 based patrol rifle.

                              Since we got the taser, fewer are carrying the spray or the ASP...
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