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Tac Lights-are they necessary?


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  • Tac Lights-are they necessary?

    Does anyone have any opinions regarding the use of Tac Lights on your handgun? Are they worth the extra $?

    Does anyone see the value of having the combo laser light?

    It seems to me that the laser would be just a little too Hollywood, but I'd be interested to see if anyone is a firm believer.

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    yes I would love to have a tac light on my gun...
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      Lights yes, lasers no. And only if you get quality. lots of the insight ones seem to break and fall off of the guns, or have the bulb go out on hard recoiling guns.
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        No flashlight/handgun technique is as solid as a two-handed grip on one's pistol. For many officers, the flashlight/handgun technque will quickly turn into one-handed shooting. I think a lightmount on a pistol is an excellent idea.

        I tried out the Streamlight M-6 laser/light set-up at an IALEFI regional. While I don't care for laser sights generally, this seemed to be a pretty decent piece of gear. That said, I'm not sure I'd spend the extra money for the laser.
        John from Maryland


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          Weapon mounted lights: I have a M3 for my G21, great for building seaches and similar tasks where you are going to need a light and you have your weapon drawn, leaves one hand free for opening doors and the like while still allowing you to maintain a two hand grip on the gun. The M3 is easy to install and remove from the rail and can be used as a small hand held light when the gun is not drawn.

          Lasers: A useful tool to have in your tool box, but, by no means, a replacement for good iron sights and proper training, I have a LaserMax unit in my G21, its biggest advantage is shooting around barricades and obstructions when I don't want to expose anymore of my precious body than is essential. Lasers also have significant intimidation value in potentially violent confrontations where you are justified in drawing your weapon, that pretty red dot on someones chest or between the eyes has a very sobering effect on BGs.
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            I use the Glock light on my G23. I also got the Safariland SLS holster that allows me to keep the light on the gun. I found the Glock light very reliable, slimmer, and a little less exspensive. Also, the SLS holster for the M3 light has a gap where you can actually reach the trigger of the holstered gun. With the Glock light being slimmer the holster more contours to the gun leaving no gap.

            I like having the tac light because as noted above it allows for a two hand stance or if necessary gives me a free hand. Our firearms inst. gave us some recent training that included some info that something like 70% of all Officer involved shootings occour in low light. Being assigned to permanent nights I want all the advantages I can get.
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              Tac lights

              I'm an "Old Dog" so this will relate to my prior training and expierience.

              Back in the day, we trained, when in low light conditions, to move the light source away from the firearm. Where will the bad guy most likely aim and fire? At the light. I dare say we would do the same. Where is the light source when you mount a TAC light to your weapon? In front of your head. Think about it.

              If the current wisdom has changed I'd be interested.


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                If you are searching for a definite BG (open door on a closed biz.), a gun light is good. If it's only a possible (a noise in the bushes), you could end up pointing your gun at an innocent person or fellow officer. They are no substitute for a hand held light, but they can be a supplement.

                As to shooting at the light - some night, have someone hold a light (no gun needed) while you go 'downrange'. Unless the light is strong and right in your eyes, they look just like....a person holding a flashlight. No problem to aim at the person, not the light.
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                  I have an M3 for my Glock23, but I carry it in a pepper spray case since I have to have a threat level 3 holster. The only one I have seen so far has been level two or less.
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                    Hey Sleuth, I agree. I just prefer a flashlight. Wanted to give someone a chance to think on something. All those years of training with a flashlight and being jumped because you had the light to close to the gun, etc. etc. Lighted sights are a great invention too.

                    Most of the business/buildings I've been in after hours all have some type of night lights on so the areas are never "blacked out" and you don't need to flash a light all over the building. Perhaps our Brothers in Brown, far from the big city lights, need something like a TAC light, I just don't really see a need. Some of the guys carry them, detatchable, sweet, worth the extra cash? can't say.

                    If there is a real BG in a building, back off, secure the area, call in the dog. (course if you have that option)


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                      I love my ITI M3 on my Glock. I, however, do not like lasers, especially because my dept doesn't allow them on duty weapons. The ability to have both hands firmly on my pistol or be able to open doors and search while also having full illumination is a great thing. I've trained in the Surefire technique with handheld lights and using a light on my gun is still a much better option.

                      I do feel that it is necessary to have a seperate hand held light on one's duty belt for situations where a light is needed but a pistol is not. I am STRONLGY against the idea of carrying the light seperate from the pistol. You are much much more likely to have to go hands on to cuff or restrain a subject than you are to shoot one. If you are using a weapon which you carry in a standard holster but have attached a light to, what the heck do you plan on doing with it when you need to go hands on??????? There are so many available holsters out there now where pretty much anyone can get a light mounted holster and not need to carry the light seperately. Yeah, the cost is going to be just a bit more, but cough it up for the increase in pistol control/light searching ability. If ya can't tell, I love the idea of a light mounted pistol, but one must use some serious common sense in carrying it.

                      Speaking of....anyone try the new X200 LED light from Surefire??
                      Nobody ever wants to have to fight, but its a darn good idea for someone to know how.


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                        Jeeper.....I agree...I wish I could keep it on my gun, but my department states that I must have a LevelIII holster. I'm yet to find one...but I've had it for a couple of years....well, more like three years now. Maybe someone has made a LevelII for it now.

                        Now ya got me wanting to spend some money if I find one!
                        If you knew you would fight for you life tomorrow, would you change the way you trained today?


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                          Here ya go:

                          The Safariland 6280 with the added on Sentry system becomes a Level3 holster up from the standard Level2. There ya go...

                          Sorry about the $$$$$$$$....just putting an option out there that you may not yet have known about!
                          Nobody ever wants to have to fight, but its a darn good idea for someone to know how.


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                            Jeeper you are dead on about having a holster to accomodate both the weapon and the TAC light when you go "hands on".
                            A note about the Streamlight M3 Tac Lights (we carry on Glock 22's)....If you don't take them apart about once a month and clean the connectors and battery terminals with isoprophyl alcohol they have a tendency to stop working.
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                              Originally posted by WA-K9
                              I use the Glock light on my G23. I also got the Safariland SLS holster that allows me to keep the light on the gun.
                              I've been looking for that holster....thanks


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