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  • firearm safe for small pistol

    So for about the next two years I will be living in a small 560 square foot apartment. I would like to get a full size safe for all my guns which currently reside in my parents attic 4 hours away in another town. However, I do not want to get a full size safe until I buy a home. As a temporary solution so that I can keep my handgun with me I was wondering if anyone has any experience with the pistol safes that can only hold one or two handguns. Being that I am renting I wont be able to bolt down the safe to the wall or floor. I wonder if I could bolt it down to the inside of my dresser drawers? I have been looking at what homedepot and lowes has to offer as well as some safes on the internet but so far I havent really found a solution. Is anyone else in this same situation? I am starting to just think it would be better to leave my guns in my parents house until I can move into a full size house. It would be nice to go to the gun range on my days off though.....

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    Just a few popular ones that I can think of. (I used Amazon as an example for them.)




    I hope this helps you out a little or at least helps give you an idea of what to look for. Have a great day!


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      I use a Stack On for my handguns. Its bolted to the floor under my nightstand and holds my 3 guns, a few magz, and some other small items no problem. The number pad makes it quick to unlock if need be. I think I paid around $100 for it.

      Anything else gets locked in my gun vault in the basement.
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        $69 on sale, has reasonable reviews compared to other digital ones.

        Keep in mind what this is: a casual theft deterrent. These boxes should be secured to something, also because some can be defeated by dropping them on the floor.

        I bought the Sentry model, used lithium AA's, and have had no issues. If money wasn't an issue, I'd have gone with a mechanical style like V-Line or Fort Knox. For $69, I'll deal with replacing 4 AA's twice a year.

        I also have this for ammo, and a shotgun crammed inside:

        If space wasn't an issue I'd get the 48" x 24" model. Again, these are deterrents. I understand the limitations (thin gauge metal, drillable padlock cores) and accept them in light of other layers of security I have.
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          Please be careful of GunVault small safes.
          I was able to reset the combination on one to the default in less than 1 second easily.
          That was due to a design error.
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