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    I'm looking at procuring a CA compliant AR here in a couple of years. Any thoughts on a optic? I am familiar with the Aimpoint as that's what I had issued on my old M4. I have a Bushnell on my shotgun right now, but would prefer a higher quality optic for an AR.
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    I preordered an Aimpoint T2 through Larue with a absolute co-witness mount. All for the low low price of $800.

    The aimpoint PRO can be had for $400 with lower 1/3 witness mount included. Even less if you keep an eye out for sales.


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      I have an eotech and love it. I highly recommend one.


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        Our AR-15 variants use EOTechs, our 556s use Aimpoint PROs.
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          If you get an EOtech be sure to check you batteries weekly and reconfirm your zero every few months. A lot of our officers with EOtechs show up to quals with dead batteries and for some reason it's no longer zeroed.

          With an Aimpoint you can just leave the reticle on all the time and change your battery out once a year. I just do it on my birthday so I don't forget.

          Depending on your agency rules you might look at a 1-4/1-6 variable optic. As they have been gaining popularity prices have started to drop making them more affordable.


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            I don't work for an agency so no policies to abide by but the legalities for the rifle. Was looking for recommendations as I have heard good things about both the Aimpoint and the EOtech.
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              The above optics are very good. I just don't have the money at the time so I got me a Lucid HD-7. I really like it.

              When I retire, I will want to shoot at longer distances so I will want a magnified optic. There are magnification optics for the HD-7, but I hopefully will be able to get my Trijicon ACOG. Watch HD-7 review below.


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                I have an Eotech on my 16" and an Aimpoint on my 20". Honestly, I don't have a strong preference for one over the other. They are both reliable, both are easy to use, and both stand up to the use a typical duty rifle will see. It boils down to which reticle you prefer and where you like your buttons more than anything else.
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                  The new Aimpoint ACO
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                    MSRP is $20 less than a PRO with a cheaper mount and "entry level" optic.


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                      Aimpoint PRO if you are trying to not spend as much. Otherwise, the Aimpoint T2 would be my choice. I have a T1 on my rifle and love it.
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