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Best weapon for hurt animal?


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  • Best weapon for hurt animal?

    I work in a more rural PD. We do not have an animal control and we have a lot of deer. It is not uncommon for us to have to put down an injured animal.

    My question is, what is the best type of round to use for an injured animal (such as a deer) that needs to be put down on a roadway. I am always worried about a ricochet when shooting a deer on a road with my .40.

    Policy aside (we don't have one), I am looking for the safest most effective round to use.

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    Believe it or not, the California Highway Patrol has a manual on how to put down just about every critter there is. It comes complete with fully illustrated diagrams of each animal, where to shoot, how to do it, etc. If you drop their Headquarters a note on your department letterhead and ask, I'm guessing they may send you a copy.

    In the mean time, I will share this with you…....just because.

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      Quiet, precise, and no discharge-of-firearm report.


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        Mossberg 500 with a 1oz slug does the trick when you can safely get the shot off.

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          I use .40 for deer. No issues.
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            Our animal control officers carry a .22 LR bolt action.
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              I have put down a cow with a 40 as well as every deer ever encountered. Placement is the main issue. I have done head shots as well as chest. Just make sure of your background. Once you hit the deer the round will lose quite a bit of energy.
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                When I was in patrol I always used a 1oz slug from a 12 gauge. I put down quite a few deer, a few cows, and a horse or two. Slug to the head always got it done quickly and effectively, without any further suffering on the part of the animal.
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                  Deer, Cattle, etc

                  Draw an imaginary x between the ears and the eyes. Hit the center of the X with a .40

                  Secondary target is at the base of the skull where it connects with the neck

                  Very little chance of ricochet
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                    I've put down many of deer with a .40. Just shoot between the eyes. What are you worried about the ricochet from the skull or missing? There are some that just use a knife so they don't have to do our quick form for putting an animal down but I just stick to the gun.
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                      There has been multiple occasions where I have seen people mess up a headshot with a .40. They have left part of the deer's head is missing and it's still alive. I've been told that the best way to avoid this is to shoot them behind the ear if you are going to use a pistol.

                      If you have access to one then I thinkt that .223 in the chest cavity would be your best bet to avoid ricochet.


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                        Gotta go with 'ole mossy and a slug.

                        Took my first whitetail with a Winchester Model 12 and a Brenekke slug at about 70 yards. Shotgun had a 2.5X scope.
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                          Never witnessed or had a ricochet. Hollow points stop quick.
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                            Buckshot works, Rifle round, or a round from your .40. Killed plenty with all of the above. Shot placement.... Between eyes and ears, make sure you dont shoot under the eye because thats not a kill. Behind the shoulder works, as well as back of head or between eyes. Dont worry about ricochet.
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                              Omg, you are all so mean and nasty. Everyone knows you hafta call the animal ambulance to take them to the vet for surgery. There's never any reason to shoot an unarmed animal!!!


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