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Building an AR pistol... (Maryland specific)


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  • Building an AR pistol... (Maryland specific)

    Hey guys, not sure if this is in the right spot or if it needs to be in a regional thread. I have an 80% lower that I've had completed for a little while and I haven't had the funds to do anything with it yet but I have started to order some add ons such as a red dot and sling and whatnot and wanted to get a definitive answer on building one of these things. From what I have read and somewhat understand I can build a pistol as long as it doesn't have a forward grip so that it can technically be fired with one hand. And if I want to put a regular sliding stock on it, I would have to file the Form 1 with the BATFE to register it as a short barrel rifle, correct? Is it even legal to have one of these anymore? I currently have a .223/5.56 AR that I purchased well before the craziness of these mass shootings. Let me say that this has nothing to do with being an officer and using it while on duty, but strictly for recreational and target shooting/ home defense purposes. I plan on talking with my FFL, but he's a small one-person operation in Hagerstown and is slow on responding this go around. Thanks for the help/advice guys.

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    At the federal level, angled foregrips and handstops are legal on pistols (builds under 26" in total length). If you exceed 26", it becomes an AOW (any other weapon), and vertical foregrips become legal. The Sig SB15 braces are excellent, by the way.

    I won't be able to provide any Maryland specific info.


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      Here is the rule on the vertical fore grip from BATF.

      Maryland laws I don't know.
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        Thanks guys. Looks like I won't be able to do a vertical grip but there are ways and holes in these laws like most others. The sig brace was one such loophole and a trigger such as the TAC CON trigger are others. From what it looks like magpul makes a front grip that is legal in MD as well as some other products. Thanks again


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          Originally posted by msalva2 View Post
          ...TAC CON trigger...
          Try out a Geissele Super Dynamic 3 Gun trigger before you buy that gimmicky Tac Con. I'm faster with it, and it costs half as much. If you want more long range capability, the Geissele SSA-E will serve you well.


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