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Opinions on Leupold DeltaPoint???


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  • Opinions on Leupold DeltaPoint???

    I'm trying to decide on an optic for my duty rifle. I've been looking at the Leupold Delta Point 3moa red dot, but I cant seem to find any opinions from those who have used it on their duty rifles. With the LEO discount, this will run me $286

    Also looking at the Redfield Accelerator. Its brand new, so I don't think there will be much for opinions on that. With discount, this runs $127.

    All opinions welcome.

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    I am considering the Redfield for my Mossberg. I will get back to you if I end up pulling the trigger on it.

    As far as patrol rifle optics go I like things that will cowitness with my Irons. I am not sure how well any of the Mini Red-Dots will cowitness.


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      Originally posted by TheTick
      Just get an Aimpoint PRO and never look back. There is a metric **** ton of reasons for it and everyone one of them is valid.
      Yep! The PRO is a badass optic, mines still running on the original battery 2 years later... Oh ya, its been ON the entire time
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        I have been looking in to them my self. I have yet to use them but in a few months the gen 2 will be out and has some big improvements FYI I run an Aimpoint H-1 on my AR I may end up putting that on my SBR and going with an ACOG on my AR soon.


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          Don't get the Delta Point. The reticle has too much MOA for a rifle, IMHO. Stay with an Aimpoint.
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            Look at the burris fastfire.

            issue with aimpoint/eotech etc are that when you going from very dark to very bright (or very bright to very dark) you'll have to stop to adjust your brightness, otherwise you will overpower the reticle with light (or underpower) burris fastfire will adjust itself. I have one on my Saiga 12, and it has taken the recoil from that thing, so I'm sure the 223 will be fine.

            something to think about.


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