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    My current BUG is a Taurus Titanium in 38spl. Now when my wife travels away, I loan her my BUG since it the most comfortable for her to carry and shoot. That leaves me without a BUG while on duty. I have looked at the Glock 27 in the past, but never bought one. I am again looking at a Glock 27. For me the reason why is that you can switch out the barrel and have a .357sig. How cool is that, two guns for the price of one.

    My current duty weapon is a Glock 21, I am comfortable with it and have no problems or concerns with its operation. What does concern me is the claim that the .40s have had problems in the past. Now the claims have been due to the pressure in the .40s, if this is so, then would not the .357sig also have a high pressure? Now I don't plan to shot reloads, but only factory ammo though this weapon so thats not an issue with me. I have yet to shoot a .357sig weapon, but I hear that they are nice shooting weapons.

    Also, do any of you have experience with the ghost ring sights for pistols. This is about the only modification that I was planning to make.

    To make matters better, I think I heard my wife state that its ok to buy the Glock 23 and 27, because she wants me happy. I think I heard her say that. All I have to do is sell my Springfield Armory Ultra Compact in .45 and HiPower. These two weapons have been collecting dust in the safe for over.....5 years.

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    Don't worry about the supposed "kaboom" problem with Glocks. Yes, they do have an unsupported chamber. Just use a lighter bullet that isn't +P, and you should be fine. FWIW, I carry a G22 and G27, both loaded with 165gr Remington Golden Saber. I also reload a 165 gr Rainier round node/flat point to about 1050 fps (as per the manufactuer's data.) No probs (crossing fingers right now, lol) yet. My duty load comes out of the barrel at about 1100 fps, so it's comparable to the reloads. If you're worried that much about the kaboom problem, get an aftermarket barrel. KKM comes to mind as a good choice. The chamber is supported, so that's a non-issue with the Glock and an aftermarket barrel. If you can't get one (say, because of duty requirements/dept policy) then just follow the above advice about shooting high-pressure rounds. The only kabooms I've ever heard of have been with the heavier loads (180 gr), so you should be safe with the 165 gr at a lower pressure. Hope this helps, and enjoy.

    I gather there aren't too many Glock fans on this board, judging from some posts I've seen. Try it, you might like it. I hated the guns when I first got hired with my agency. I thought the only two guns were Colt and Beretta. Got a Glock, because no one did LE sales around here for Beretta, and Colt wasn't authorized. Bought a G19, loved it, won't ever carry another model for duty/CCW ever again. OK, maybe my Colt officer's model when I retire, but that's 16 years in the future. Glock is all that, and a bag of chips.

    (Just ignore Piper when she starts talking smack about a Kimber...It's not like she can hit anything she aims at, anyway. Know where the safest position to be in when she shooting is? The target. )
    See ya at work, Piper.
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      Originally posted by wprebeck

      I gather there aren't too many Glock fans on this board, judging from some posts I've seen.

      I carry the G22 in .40 and absolutely love it!! Can't wait to start arrying it with the Streamlight M6 Laser/Light!!
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        I used to be a traditionalist, 1911 and other steel guns. My duty gun is a Glock 19 and my Off duty is a glock 27. These are great, accurate and dependable guns. My other traditional guns only make it out of the safe now and then for a wipedown with the silicon cloth to keep the rust away. I am planning on taking the Glock armorers course next month. I am very satisfied with my Glocks. I am hoping the dept will allow us to use 40sw for duty weapons in near future so I can add a 23 to my collection.



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          I carry a glock 21 and a glock 30 as a BUG.

          but since you are already carrying the titanium.... why not just get one for your wife so you don't have to share?
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            I have/use G22 and a G27 for a BUG. Glocks are great weapons and very simple to use and clean (K.I.S.S. method)
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              If a G30 is to big for you then I suggest the G26 or 27. Some fear the KB scuttlebutt but I have not seen one yet. I carry G26 and have no probs. Get something that will squash all your fears, I suggest staying with Glock though.
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                For concealed carry, I carry a Glock 27, with Shearer+1 magazine extensions. I carry Federal 155gr. Hydrashocks in it. When I carry it, I usually carry an extra mag, although I have three extra mags if I need, all with Shearer+1 extensions.

                For practice, I use a variety of ball, usually around 165gr. or so. I've been very happy with mine, no complaints. I like the Glock 27 due to it's combination of firepower and size, and I consider it to be one of the very best choices for concealment. I highly recommend it.
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                  My department issues a G22 for a primary duty weapon. As a backup I carry an Airweight Taurus .38spl. All the Glocks are excellent weapons and the fact that you can use full size duty mags in them are a plus. But if you work a 12 hour shift like I do,weight becomes a problem after awhile. Backup weapons are NOT meant for you to get into a firefight with. They are to be used to extricate yourself from a bad situation (the fact that you are in a gunfight in the first place),and from an even worse situation (the fact that your primary weapon failed,or was taken away from you). Just my thoughts.
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                    I have never been a Glock fan. My duty weapon of choice is the Beretta. I sold mine and purchased a Sig 226 several years ago and have regretted it since. I really don't like my Sig. I never wanted a Glock because they feel too much like "toys."

                    That being said, a friend took me to the range and let me fire his Glock 26. At 10 yards that thing was so accurate I about crapped my pants. I told my buddy I could shoot the staple holding the target on. It took 3 shots, but I nailed the staple from 10 yards and the target fluttered to the ground. I immediately bought one.

                    It fits perfectly in an ankle holster while on duty and fits nicely into the pocket of my jeans when offduty. It's by far my favorite gun of all time now.


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                      Re: Ka-BOOMs in Glock .40s...

                      It is a DESIGN problem. Glock is the ONLY maker of .40S&W pistols with a HISTORY of Ka-BOOMs. Period.

                      Last Spring, there were THREE cases of Ka-BOOMs with the SAME Sheriff's Dept on the SAME DAY using Federal 155 grain HS ammo, which is NOT '+P'. I posted the actual memo here(do a search). To say that 'it'll never happen if you don't use +P ammo' is irresponsible. There is NO '+P' or '+P+' designated ammo for the .40S&W per SAAMI standards, as there are for other conventional rounds.

                      NOTE: This DOES NOT happen in Glock 9MM or .45ACP pistols which have a FULLY SUPPORTED chamber.

                      I had a G27 as a BUG when I carried a G22 on duty. It's NOT a 'small' gun by any stretch of the imagination. If you can conceal a G27, you can conceal a G23.

                      For a SERIOUS BUG, check out:

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                        I've carried a Glock 27 for a back up for over 5 years now, and fired probably close to six thousand rounds through it, and it hasn't blown my fingers off yet.

                        As for the Fedreal loads, that was a Federal ammo problem, and it's not the first time Federal ammo has done this in Glock's.

                        If you really want to see an unsupported chamber, take a look at the Glock 36, and in 2000 rounds through it I haven't had a KB yet.

                        Glock kb's happen, but it is largely due to poor reloads.
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                          Ok, I know that there are some shall we say differing opinions on Glocks, but lets be honest...Glocks are decent guns for the money. They are not the best, but they are not the worst. It just depends on what you are looking for. Departments like them bc they are cheap and easy to learn. Some serious shooters don't like them bc they are cheaply made with cheep parts and have a bad habit of going south...as in sights falling off due to plastic parts and "Loose" tolerances, the plastic guide rod breaking, weak mag springs that don't last, and the reported KB problem. Now, don't get me wrong, I have a 19 and love to shoot it, but when it comes down to my life I will reach for my Sig every time. My Glock has had all of the problems listed except the KB and it is only 4 years old. I shoot a lot, as in 1k every 2 months or so.

                          Question: Has anyone else noticed the ring or circular bulge near the rim of the spent casings on their Glock? I can always tell which rounds came from my Glock bc they have a circular bulge around the back of the case. It does make me wonder about this unsupported chamber thing, but thus far I haven't had a problem.
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                            The Glock is a great weapon for the price. I have two, the 27 and the 23. I carry the 27 off duty and use the 23 for formal occasions when I wear my class A.


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                              I carried a Sig P226 for over 15 years. I absolutely love it. I would not want a Beretta or any other gun as a duty weapon. I am an NRA instructor, and Glock Armorer. For the money, Glock is a decent weapon and I shoot at the GSSF matches, but, to tell you the truth, if it wan't for the comraderie and the "boys day out" aspect, I would not own one. Mine are the G21 and G34 both with tungsten guide rods, 6lb triggers and trijicon night sights.
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