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Taught my wife to shoot!


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  • Taught my wife to shoot!

    I taught my wife the very basics of shooting over the weekend. She did very well! For a beginner, she's a pretty wicked shot. I will admit that first I taught her some basics with the pellet gun because she found it much less threatening. But even with the pistol, she did very well. She says if there are going to be guns in the house, she might as well learn to shoot them, which I think is an excellent philosophy.

    We've been having trouble finding a place to shoot, though, because the local range closed down. As far as I can tell, there aren't any other ranges around here except for some club ranges that all have 1-2 year waiting lists. Finally just took her up to my family's land and got started.
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    Taught me mum to shoot

    I finally got my mom out on the range with a newly purchased Glock 22. She wasn't half bad, it was mainly her grip on the pistol. Small hands can be inhibiting. Her grip put her left thumb in the slide's "Danger Zone" *EEP*.
    Then I got to find a better way to cram .40 rounds into that %*#& magazine! It's kind of hard to do without the "helper" or whatever that thing is. After loading the magazine like three times by hand I wussed out and used it .
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