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Concealed carry holster reccomendations from the pros...


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  • Concealed carry holster reccomendations from the pros...

    Hello all,

    I am in the market for a holster for my Glock 23. I am gonna be taking my concealed carry class in March. I wanna go ahead and get a good holster while I have some extra money. I saw many that I thought looked pretty good. I already have a blackhawk serpa holster. I am wanting this new holster to be specifically for concealed carry so that it will be easily hidden by a large sized shirt(I normally wear medium). I would also like it to be comfortable. I had looked at a Galco SOB holster, but I question how comfortable it would be on the middle of my back(ie: sitting, running, bending, every day activities, etc) I am open to any and all suggestions. I also looked at various other belt holster types with different tilts; some had thumb snaps. Below are a few of the ones that caught my eye:

    The SOB I listed earlier






    Thanks in advance,


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    I don't have any of the above holsters, but any of them should work well with the exception of the SOB holster. When I selected a plain clothes holster for my Glock 22 I had a couple features that I wanted. First, it had to fit close to the body. I too had a Serpa holster and hated it because it was anything but concealable with someone as "streamlined" as me. Second, it had to be comfortable. That ruled out IWB and paddle holsters. Third, it had to be easy on/off without removing my belt for those times I'm going into someone's house or a federal building and need to drop the firearm for the moment. Lastly, I wanted some sort of retention device other than friction. The best I could find was the Safariland model 748. It is basically a thumbsnap pancake holster with keepers instead of belt slots. It's a high quality holster and I don't have any complaints. As long as you don't mind having the FBI cant, it's great.

    For a really concealable holster that won't be quite as comfortable, look at Galco's Deep Cover or similar models. They nestle right behind the hip, are easy on/off, and don't ride too high like many IWB holsters. I usually carry a Glock 27 in one of these holsters.

    Most people end up with a drawer full of holsters before they find one they truly like.
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      Oh, the SOB holsters are super uncomfortable to sit with, print badly when you bend over, and are downright dangerous to your spine if you should fall on your back (done that). I've used the Galco SOB holster with a Smith 640 and was very happy to include it with the sale of the gun when I got rid of it.
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        Galco Summer Comfort for IWB. I've worn mine on cross-country extraditions with no discomfort at all. Easy on-Easy off without undoing the belt or dropping the pants.

        I also conceal under a sport coat with a Blackhawk Serpa.

        Really do not like paddle, shoulder, or SOB holsters at all.
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          They are outstanding. Buy with confidence.
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            Originally posted by 5031OKC View Post

            They are outstanding. Buy with confidence.
            I agree! I love my Supertuck for Glock 19 so much that I just ordered the Minituck for my LC9.


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              agree with crossbreed for IWB. I'd go with an alpha holster from DSG for OWB allows you to carry light and you can get clips to make it an IWB.

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                Comptac, Crossbreed, whatever, but kydex is the new hotness.


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                  Another vote for Crossbreed. Been running one with horsehide for the last couple of years. I won't use anything else.


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                    +1 on crossbreed. I have a supertuck that I carry my Sig P229 in and it is very comfortable for all day wear and conceals very well with almost any size shirt.


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                      Thanks for all of the replies. I found them very helpful. It seems that the crossbreed holsters are very popular among LEOs on this site. I have seen alot of other posts where officers have reccomended this holster. I did some reading on their website and everything looked great. I woulda kinda like to see, maybe try one on before purchasing. I don't think that will be possible as they are a smaller company. Will probly end up purchasing one anyways based on the reccomendations here and their lifetime backing of their products(Can't beat that!).

                      Thanks again,



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                        I had the crossbreed holster recommend to me by a lot of people and I ordered one a few days ago. I was just curious if anyone of you who have the holster know if it will actually take 4-6 weeks to get the holster? I know sometimes companies will shoot on the longer side but in reality they usually have stuff shipped a lot sooner.
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                          A leather inside the waistband (IWB) holster of the Summer Special design. They are ubiquitous for good reason.


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                            I strongly advise against a SOB holster for the reasons previously mentioned -- potential of bad spinal injury if you go down on your back.

                            My favorite and most comfortable is a Galco Combat Master. It hugs close to the body and yes, I have to wear a jacket or untucked shirt because when you're carrying a fullsize handgun, you have to in order to be concealed.


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                              Mine arrived on day 21.
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