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Best sling for ar15


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  • Best sling for ar15

    What is the best sling for an ar15?

    I am currently assigned to patrol, so I will be wearing a vest, badge, nameplate, etc.(don't what it getting hung on anything)

    Also, in the event of my trigger finger being shot off at the wrist, I will need something that I can easily move to the shoulder.

    2 point or 3 point?

    Which brands/models?

    Thanks for all input, in advance.

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    i use single point. blue force gear and the SKD pig are both great options. if you want two point i would probably going with the VCAS
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      ^^ This... so you don't have to choose. I run it 1 point with an ambidextrous mount on the rear.


      And an attachment point on the rail...

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        2 point. Blue Force Gear Vickers VCAS. Don't even consider a 3 point. Single point slings are very limited in practical purposes, especially in how they might be used in patrol.
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          Magpul Ms3 for sure. I also like the vikings tactical sling.


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            after the mess that was the MS2, no more magpul slings for me
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              Leave it to Wal-Mart:


              I first ran across these because Black Rain Ordinance ships them with their rifles, or you could buy them for $40 from them. The entire band is a thick elastic that has a nice flex to it. The wider band distributes the pressure nicely as well. Easy to put on and quick release as well.
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                I prefer the padded Vickers Combat Application Sling (VCAS).


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                  +1 for the Blue Force Gear Vickers (VCAS) two-point Sling. I like the Burnsed loop attachment at the back of the receiver, and with QD attachments and with a Tri-Glide (available from Blue Force Gear) you can convert the sling to single point.

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                    lyVTAC for me for the past several years. I have also done some finger f*cking of the the Specter Gear 2 point. I really dig it, but I have not unsed it operationally, so take that w/ a grain of salt. It is wider than most slings and would likely be more comfrortable if worn over a long period.

                    Specter gear sling:http://www.spectergear.com/2_point_slings.htm


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