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  • Saiga .223 AK

    I was in my local pawn shop yesterday picking up a maverick 88 shotgun I got a hell of a deal on, when a Saiga 223 AK variant caught my eye, and I'm finding pretty good reviews about the gun, I'm just curious if anyone here has any first hand experience with them?

    also any knowledge of magazine availability? heard rumor its not hard to convert AK makes to work, but I'm unsure on that idea

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    Come to find out the guy I talked to was an idiot, and found out today that it is a Golani .223 AK variant, anyone know anything about them? haha


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      I know that they are a copy of the IMI Galil, marketed by Century. That about the extent of my knowledge on the subject.
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        If you want an AK in a caliber other than 7.62 get the 5.45 not the 5.56. You can buy the ammo for so much cheaper it is cost prohibitive to save a hundred or so on the cost of the gun. At about $150 for over a 1000 rounds its cheap to feed. Get a cheap AR if you want the 5.56 platform unless you are just into AK's. In that case look into quality builds.

        Robinson Armament has several Vepr AK's in 223 available. They are the best of the best and hold their value. Not going to be around for long it been about 10 years since the supply dried up pn them and they go for a pretty penny. Way more accurate than anything else out there. I would love one of the 308's they have but I am in the middle of a new home purchase and it's just not in the cards.

        Atlantic firearms has the 223 saigas all day every day for the mid 300's. If that is what you really want.


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          I'll stick with my 7.62x39.
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            I just want a fun plinking gun and I can get my hands on .223 pretty cheaply, and I plan on starting to reload anyway.

            I put some cash down on it yesterday, doing some looking online, I'm not getting a bad deal on it


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              Just like the extraordinarily cheap 7.62x25, the dumping of 5.45x39 will end eventually. There's nothing wrong with getting a .308 or .223 AK if you want to chase good groups -- with proper ammo, Saigas have been known to hit 2-3 MOA. I was amazed at how much changing ammo vendors affected the groups on my 7.62 Arsenal.

              That said, I have no opinion on the Golani.
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                Ok, so I never did go any further on buying this rifle, but, tomorrows my birthday, and my dad agreed to buy me a rifle, so I have some choices.

                Got a 600 dollar limit

                Buy this used Galani .223 ak
                buy a new ak
                buy a M&P15 sport
                or any other suggestions?


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