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  • Another .223 Question

    Can .223 ammo be used fore deer hunting?

    This question when researched on Google gave me everthing in the spectrum of opinions and I am curious as I will be purchasing a Remington 700 in .223 from a friend.

    I live in AZ if that makes a difference in the type of deer? I have no clue about hunting and the only thing I have ever killed are threads on this site.

    And I'm sorry to admit you might have to dumb down the info for me, I am still getting the hang of all this stuff (My Parents hate Gun's and never allowed them in the house) And therefore I have gained more info from Jwise, Blackdog and all the others whom i can't remember right now than I have any one else and I value the opinions here more that random internet searches, mostly because I have always gotten good responses
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    In AL yes that round can be used for deer hunting. It's what my little sister uses.


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      I prefer .30 '06 for deer hunting but to each his own. I once hunted deer with a .22 wheel gun. For deer hunting your .223 will suffice.


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        Have you checked with DNR in your state?

        Many states have a statute that covers the minimum caliber requirements for deer ect. In Maine that statute says the smallest thing you can use on deer is a 22mag.
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          You will need careful placement of the shot (Broadside shot) with that round. I've used a colt sporter lightweight 1:9 twist with 5 round clip here for deer agricultural hunts but always used my custom loaded 68 grain rounds. I have a .308 BLR as my regular hunting gun.

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            I wouldn't use it up here in Michigan, but I might down in Florida. The difference? The deer in the Mitten are a LOT bigger than the deer in Florida.

            If, for some reason, I had too use .223/5.56 in Michigan, I would find the heaviest bullet my rifle could shoot accurately and would expand suitably. No M193 or M885! I would probably end up with some Nosler Partition rounds.
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              Barrett 50 cal
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                With proper ammo and shot placement, the .223 is capable of taking most deer. However, it may not be legal in your state. For that, you should contact your state's Department of Natural Resources or whatever agency enforces hunting regulations.

                Edited to add: In hunting, shot placement is overwhelmingly the most significant factor. I know an Alaska Native gentleman who routinely takes moose with a .22 Hornet and never lets a wounded one get away, but his tracking and stalking skills are amazing. Time invested in learning to stalk will yield more results in hunting than time invested in learning to shoot, but shooting instructors are everywhere and stalking/tracking instructors are a vanishing breed.
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                  While it is capable, it is far from my choice.
                  The comments made herein are those solely of author and in no way reflect the opinions of any other person, agency or other entity.

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                    AZ Game & Fish Commission rules, R12-4-304, legal method for taking wild mammals, A.5.a Centerfire rifles, d. Centerfire Handguns.

                    Look on page 117 of the Hunting Regs. I am not a lawyer, and this is NOT legal advice. I suggest you call G&F (in AZ there is more Game than Fish) and ask them.
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                      In Wisconsin you can use a .223 but you cannot use full metal jacket ammo. You gotta use hollow points or something like a Nosler partition. I think the way the regulation reads is it has to be over a .22 caliber. We have no restriction on magazine size either so you can run around like Rambo with a 40 round magazine. If I was buying a Remington 700 for hunting I think I would buy a .270 or a 30.06. They got a little more oomph and you could use them for other things by switching ammo.The price of ammo will not hurt you on either caliber. They are pretty popular and the more popular the caliber the cheaper the rounds. I've got both calibers and have killed deer and black bears with both. The .270 is also a good coyote gun, a little powerful but you will send them flipping. No chasing anything with good shot placement. You hit them and they are down. That goes for deer, bears and coyotes. I got a Bushmaster .223 I take deer hunting but really never use it.


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                        its a little light but will work only take a shot you can be very accurate with good hunting advice overall


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                          Illegal in VA to take deer with .223/5.56.

                          But doesn't stop a couple idiot friends from posting pics of their kills on Facebook with AR15 in hand.
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                            You can kill a deer with a .223 but it doesnt mean it's the best choice. If your going to use it though, get some good lead round nose ammo and shoot straigt. I don't see how using a .223 and shooting well is any different than these jackasses who shoot a .300 whatever magnum with a 500 power scope and couldn't hit the broad side of barn.

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                              .223 is now allowed in MO.
                              A 22 magnum can kill a deer...all depends on shot placement, but a larger caliber/heavier bullet is preferred for a clean kill.
                              I utilize my Remington 700P, (.308), with a Nightforce scope...but to each his own

                              Be a good shot and make sure you DONT shoot unless you can take the deer clean
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