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Light/VFG suggestion for an AR-15, help me pick please...


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  • Light/VFG suggestion for an AR-15, help me pick please...

    Pretty soon I'm going to be ordering the DD Omega free float rail for my LE6920 and am a bit hung up/confused on what flashlight and VFG I should get for it. I would like to buy once and not regret anything by trying to save a few bucks so Surefire is my choice, however there's still too many to choose from. I want it mounted at the 3o'clock position with a switch on the back of the light that can be pressed with my thumb while holding the VFG. Are light mounts something that have to bought separate or typically come with the light? If you have the setup I'm thinking of feel free to post pics (they are always appreciated in the firearms section)

    VFG choice is next, there's a lot to choose from here, and I'm frankly a bit lost. I don't want the short stubby looking one or the ones that fold out to become a tripod. Is Tangodown the brand I should go with? I'm open to any suggestions any of you may have.

    BTW this is an all black rifle.

    Thank you, looking forward to suggestions.

    So far I have the Ergogrip, EoTech XPS-2, and LaRue BUIS. This is a home defense/plinker carbine.

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    As far as lights, Surefire has a wide variety, from handhelds that can be mounted on the rifle, GX2, 6P, etc. Depends what you want. Each have different set of lumens, strobes, some have 3 different settings with a high, med, low lumen output. For my rifle that im currently planning on parting / building, im going with the Surefire X300 with a LaRue quick detach mount. Im going with a slimmer and lightweight set up. The X300 puts out 170 lumens and has a run time at about 2hrs I believe. A lot of people will say that a high output of lumens will cause problems inside a home. There's other great lights, mini scout that comes with the switch your looking for. Some of the Surefire lights are a bit pricey but from what I heard well worth it. The GX2 are affordable, about $95.

    As far as AFG / VFG, go with what is comfortable. I have the Magpul Angle Fore Grip, I tried it out a few times and it felt really good in my hands, im also applying the Magpul theory based concept to it which has been out for a while. On my other rifle I have the Magpul VFG, which is stubby and has an angle groove to apply the theory based concept as well, but im going to be switching it out to the Magpul AFG.

    To answer your other question, Yes, mounts for the most part will need to be purchased separately. Check out the LaRue site, they have light / mount combos where you can save yourself a few bucks.

    Websites to check out for what you looking for:
    lapolicegear, skdtac, larue tactical
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      zurita210 is spot on in my opinion. My preference is for the Magpul angled foregrip (AFG). The newer AFG2 is a better choice because it's the same product but the pastic is thinner so it does not interfere with mounting lights or other accessories to side rails.

      If you have the Omega rail that allows you to mount a light in front of the front sight post I would go with either a X300 or a TLR1 mounted on top (12:00) of the rail. Using an AFG your thumb wraps over the side rail and easily and naturally can flip up to activate this type of light without the need for pressure switches or fancy mounts. This setup is very affordable and keeps weight to a minimum without sacrificing anything.

      You do not need more than 200 lumens max on a home defense /plinking rifle. Anythign more is detrimental inside a small or medium sized structure like a home.


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        Very well put marksmanesq, I just noticed that I didnt put down the AFG 2, but thats the one im going with as well. I forgot to mention about attaching the lights infront of the front sight post like Surf has his set up.


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          All good recommendations. You could also just mount the light on the left side of the rifle (at 9 o'clock) and just use your thumb to activate the light (obviating the need for any kind of grip at all). This is the way I set up my last rifle (Sig 556). It is very simple.

          If the rail you get extends in front of the front sight post, mounting the light up front is a good idea (doesn't throw a barrel shadow to the right/left).

          Let's see some pictures of your light setups.
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            http://ep.yimg.com/ca/I/policestuff_2164_151783773 <--- While that light and VFG combo makes sense at first glance I would like the VFG to be further out towards the FSP since this is a carbine. Having the VFG in the middle of the hand guards just doesn't feel as comfortable as it would if it was farther in the front.

            jwise I actually never thought about your idea of mounting the light without the VFG on the 9o'clock rail but it makes sense. I might just do that since the toys are being ordered one at a time (damn this is an expensive addiction!)

            Zurita210 Thank you for the advice and links to the sites. LaRue seems to have just about anything I would ever want for a somewhat reasonable price.

            Marksmanesq I'm not quite sure what you mean about mounting a light (or anything) on the 12o'clock rail. Wouldn't that get in the way of optics?


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              RSGSRT, 99.9% of the time you are absolutely right. But, since you mentioned a Daniel Defense rail I was thinking you may have one of their FSP models that extends the rail in front of the front sight post, which gives you real estate on the top rail to mount a small light in front of the sight post. Both the TLR1 and X300 are small and short enough that they do not interfere with the sight picture at all.


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                Here's a pic for reference of what I'm talking about. This is similar to how one of mine is set up.


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                  I cant find my USB cable to my camera and my camera is farting around, as soon as I get it fixed ill post up pics. Mine is set up just like Jwise's, with the light on the 9 o'clock position, when I get my mid high grip im able to reach with my thumb to turn on the light.


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                    I see now, I was talking about the DD Omega rail though which does not extend past the FSP. I'm choosing the Omega due to it being so easy to install a caveman (me) could do it. It's next on the "to get list" for the AR.

                    I'm beginning to think that the above Surefire/VFG combo will actually be a nice way to go. It keeps the overall profile slimmer vs. mounting a light on the 3o'clock rail. I would just have to swallow the $500 price tag first. I suppose having the VFG in the center of the rail will be something I would get used to.

                    I just visited our local gun store and they showed me the Surefire/VFG and I must say I was impressed at the quality I saw and felt while holding it. I was there to look at a S&W .38 special for my wife and next thing you know I was looking at AR-15 gear. So my next disposable $500 will be going to either a new revolver for my wife (logical choice) or another accessory for the AR.

                    $300 for the DD Omega (give or take) $500 for the light/VFG $100 for a Magpul CTR stock... Jesus that's $900 and I already spent $600+ on the EoTech, Ergo grip and BUIS. I'd like to know how many dollars have been spent in the AR-15 market due to the AR-15 thread created by jwise that spread like wildfire among forums all over the U.S.


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                      It's going to be money well spent. I already have a layout of my new built / part AR15. The Surefire X300 along with the LaRue mount should run you $310. The Magpul AFG 2 should be around $35.


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                        If you're talking about the VFG/light combo in the pic I posted above you can get buy wayyy under $500 by subbing the TLR1 for the X300. In my opinion the TLR1 is 95% of what the X300 is for a fraction of the cost. I use the TLR1s exclusively now on my handguns and long guns and I bought them from lapolicegear on sale at under $80. They run sales often, pretty much every holiday.

                        Also, keep in mind you will have to buy a special wrench from DD to install the Omega rail. It's only around $10 from them, but it would suck to have your new toy and not be able to install it because you neglected to buy the wrench ;-).

                        Drop me a PM if you're interested in saving around $50 between the DD rail and CTR. Everything you're looking to accomplish can be done a lot cheaper than you think.


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                          If you want the DD Omega X rail with the FSP cutout like the Vickers rifle posted above then monitor this link http://www.midwayusa.com/viewproduct...tnumber=944140. The rail is sold out and no backorders are accepted. However when they do get them in they sell out fast. Check it daily or sign up for their in stock email notification. $350 rail for $200. I prefer the X300's also, however I have many TLR1's and as mentioned they are very capable for half or more the cost.

                          Another rail option would be a tube rail with rail sections, such as the Troy TRX Extreme or the VTAC version or the Samson version. The Samson is very easy to install. Heck if you really wanted to go economical you could work wonders with the Magpul MOE forend.

                          As for a VFG, I am not really a fan of them if you use them in a "broom handle" type of fashion. Reference point is GTG, but gripping them like a broom handle is not what I suggest. Better off without any fore grip if you plan to grip it in that manner.

                          For the AFG, I run them on my rifles. I prefer my own modified version where I basically take the AFG2 and cut it in half. Even though I run the AFG's I do not advocate them unless if you already use the type of grip / shooting style that they were designed to enhance. I would not suggest someone buy one and then try to adopt the style. The shooting style should already exist which can be learned on a rail with no fore grip.

                          Here are my 2 primary rifles and their set ups. The first is my duty weapon, Colt M4A1 MK18. Obviously I cannot place the light in front of the front sight post, so I mount it in this manner. I have not chopped the AFG on this rifle yet.

                          This is my secondary weapon / teaching rifle when I want a longer barrel to match the students. This rifle would also pull home duties. Generally I prefer a fixed FSB for duty applications as I am much more abusive on my weapons at work due to the nature of my assignment. I will however say that I have beat around this weapon quite a bit and it has taken everything very well. It does however sport a barrel with a shaved FSP so the gas block is pinned.
                          This is a full custom based off of a Noveske lower.

                          This is the chopped AFG that it wears

                          You can also see the rifles in action or watch how to do all of this work yourself on my video channel in my signature.
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                            Surf, I'm very intrigued by your modified AFG. I might have to give that a try!

                            Also, thanks for the link to Midway's pricing on the Omega rail. I get dealer pricing from Daniel Defense and although I am unable to disclose their confidential prices I do feel comfortable saying that Midway's price is WAYYY less than dealer cost. Midway must have a special agreement with DD and purchase by the pallet.


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                              My only competitive shooting is with a pistol, so take my suggestion with a big grain of salt.

                              I'm not a fan of grips under the handguard of my AK. They get in the way when shooting off a bag, they can get caught on things when moving the rifle, and I'm not convinced that they help manage recoil any better than just gripping the handguard itself. In the AK world even the best rails add considerable weight to the front end, and I know that isn't so bad in the AR world.

                              But if you're just looking for a light mounting point, you really should consider attaching your light to the front sight post and using a lighter handguard without the rail. Less snag points, you can wrap your thumb around the top of the handguard to fight muzzle climb, and the whole rifle gets lighter.

                              If you do go for the railed option, consider the LaRue index clips for your rail cover. They're durable, lightweight, and provide plenty of texture without adding much to the diameter of your handguard. Plus they can be combined with the LaRue hand stops and provide a lot of the benefits of a vertical foregrip while maintaining a lower profile.
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