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  • Ultimate Duty Sidearm

    Unlimited budget, any brand, any caliber, what would you carry as a sidearm? It has to go into a holster, and weigh less than 3 pounds, loaded.

    I did a search and didn't find any threads where this was asked before.

    I'll start: STI Tactical 5.0 in .40 S&W with TLR-2.

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    HK USP40

    SF MR09 adapter mount

    SF X300


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      Either an 7-8 Shot S&W wheel gun or a 1911. Had a 5" Springfield. Could hold it steady on target all day long.
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        Phased plasma rifle in the 40-watt range? Oh wait, you said sidearm.

        Frankly, I'd be happy if I could carry one of my 226s. We carry 229s now and the grip is just a BCH too short for me.
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          Wilson Combat 1911, .45ACP, X300


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            Sig P226 DAK
            Les Baer


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              Originally posted by Noob84 View Post
              Unlimited budget, any brand, any caliber, what would you carry as a sidearm? It has to go into a holster, and weigh less than 3 pounds, loaded.
              Actually went back and read the requirements.... Sorry about that none of my choices would qualify.
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              Originally posted by jcioccke
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                what did Robocop shoot again?

                Ummm let me think....

                H&K USP Tactical in 9mm (don't Heckle, I like it) Frame painted Green (I like Green and have a need to be different) and slide in Nickel or stainless

                and I am no light expert so I'll leave that up to you.
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                  Glock 18 in a drop-leg tactical Safariland holster with a SureFire X300
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                    Wilson CQB or equivalent
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                        If it was a choice for ME, then I would probably go with something like a Colt Rail Gun and a Surefire X300.

                        If it was for the department, then a Glock 21SF with Surefire X300.

                        I ain't real fancy with Duty guns because they just have to work. I don't have any problems with carrying Glocks or 1911's and in fact the last .45ACP SIG I shot stuck in my memory. It's just a damn fine feeling handgun.
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                          Or get a drop leg (I think it's called breachers holster) for your Mossy 500...


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