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  • Off Duty Mag holder

    After reading the previous thread on carrying spare magazines off duty, and the more I thought about it, I am now looking for a concealment magazine holder and was wondering what kinds you use off duty? And also, what kind of belt attachment do they have? I was looking at the Blackhawk single mag holder and although I haven't actually tried one on, it seems like it wouldn't be the sturdiest with only the clip on attachment.

    I would like to look at some Safariland models in person but I haven’t had the chance yet, and it is hard to go off of pictures online.

    What would you recommend?
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    I had a desantis single mag pouch, which is made out of leather. It is ok, but not as sturdy. I am now using Blackhawk single mag pouch, which works pretty well.


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      Blackhawk CQC


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        Check this guys stuff out - http://www.kytexgear.com/ - quality, price, and service are all terrific and he'll make you whatever you want. I have a mag pouch and flashlight holder from his stock gear on his website plus he made me an ASP holder, OC spray holder, and skeleton cuff case that all slip on/off your belt easy but hold securely while you're wearing them. Great to deal with as well.
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          I use a Ready Tactical mag pouch for my spare mag for CCW and I use the same pouches for IDPA.

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            My favorite plainclothes magazine pouch is the snap-detachable model made by TT Gunleather. It rides very flat, is easy to take on and off and has a "pancake" shape that conceals well. They're available in single and double magazine versions.

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              I was not thrilled with the attachment clip for the Blackhawk magazine pouch I got with my Serpa. It was a thin plastic clip.

              The really like Galco products, like the Double Mag Carrier (DMC), the Double Mag Paddle (DMP), the magazine/cuff paddle carrier (MCP), and the magazine/flashlight paddle carrier (MCF). They have several other models, and I can highly recommend them. I have a Galco Scout IWB holster I've been using for close to 15 years.

              Side view, Galco MFP
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