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  • New Sig 1911 TACOPS

    I am an operator on our state SWAT team and we just ordered new Sig 1911 TACOPS for the team!! I'm pretty excited even though right now my ***** is in Iraq and I won't get to touch mine until the end of the year In the mean time, I am looking at holsters for off duty/duty carry. I am a plain clothes guy, so I never wear a uniform unless I am on a call out. We are getting new drop leg holsters for entry since they won't fit our current P226 holsters. We also are getting issued a leather holster for concealment so I went with a Don Hume H721 for times like court or training.

    My question though is I am a polymer holster guy and I love Fobus holsters (currently have one for my P226 and P239). Does anyone have any suggestions to a good holster for the Sig 1911? I am looking on the Fobus website and the only thing I am seeing they have is for a Spingfield/Kimber. Will that fit the Sig 1911? Also, I see Sig has their own polymer style holster that doesn't look too bad but I am looking for options.

    Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!!
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    In my experience Fobus holsters are crap, I one come apart dropping my gun, still in the holster, on the ground while wrestling with my kid. If they can't hold up to a 14y/o hanging on you how can you trust one for serious use?

    Check out the Safariland ALS 6377 or 6378 (they're the same except the 6378 comes with a paddle and belt loop), I don't know if they make them for railed 1911's but I'd guess they do. The polymer body is pretty thick and holds up very well, they come in a few different finishes, they're suede lined, and the ALS lock is secure bt the holster is still very fast to draw from. Plus they're really reasonably priced. I got mine from Optics Planet, been using it for work and shooting matches for over a year now, and am very happy with it.


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      I believe that the Sig 1911's have a different slide design than the "standard" 1911 and won't work with a "standard" 1911 holster. Most of the bigger holster manufacturers make holsters specifically for the Sig 1911. Hopefully, someone more knowledgeable than I will come along and point you in the right direction. I agree with the above poster in that Fobus holsters are crap.


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        If you want plastic, get a Blade-Tech, Fobus are garbage.

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