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  • Moisin Nagant Revolver

    Last week, I've ordered a Moisin Nagant revolver from J&G Sales (my way of supporting Arizona Economy) and it came in yesterday.

    Condition looks like it's been reconditioned and came with a holster and cleaning kit.

    Trigger pull feels like I'm using a heavy duty stapler gun even at a single action mode.

    It is not a bad gun to have if you are interested in collecting vintage firearms. It is definitely not a gun to have if you are interested in doing target shooting with it.

    I'll try to post up photos later on.

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    pics or it didnt happen!

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      Originally posted by Maverick1701 View Post
      pics or it didnt happen!
      Sorry, I'm damn freaking lazy these days. I'll get it posted at some point.


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        I had to google it because I didn't believe it at first either!



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          Just because I feel like being over-technical, it is not a Mosin-Nagant. It's just Nagant. Sergei Mosin had NOTHING to do with that design.
          It's a cool pistol...unless you're the poor commie SOB trying to use it in combat.

          Also, a tip: .32 S&W Long will work in it when you can't find the 7.62 Nagant ammo. There are also .32 ACP cylinders floating around if you get lucky.
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            You are correct. It's official name is Nagant Model 1895 revolver.

            7.62X38R is the caliber. So far, J&G sales got ammo, but bit pricy. Not a caliber that you can easily reload either.

            Just like what Murf said, it can be converted to .32 ACP.

            I didn't buy it to shoot it, but rather added into my collection. When J&G first introduced it, it was $89.99, but price has gone up to $99.99.


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              Been wanting one of those for awhile. I really need to order one (I still kick myself for not grabbing a Mak when they were still fairly cheap)

              Congrats on your purchase.


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                Originally posted by Dingo990 View Post
                Been wanting one of those for awhile. I really need to order one (I still kick myself for not grabbing a Mak when they were still fairly cheap)

                Congrats on your purchase.
                Thank you. Definitely pick it up as from what I've been told, supply will dry up soon.

                Just like SVT38/40 rifles, when these guns were introduced, they were sold at around $150-200 range in about 10 years ago. Now, you can't even find them and when you do, these things go for $800+ range.

                I wish I had C&R FFL so I can just order directly from suppliers.


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                  Is yours a Czarist model, or a Commie model (with the big red star on the side)?

                  I have had one for years, but never fired it. It was a Viet Nam bringback, Commie version.
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                    I believe it was a commie gun as I see markings of 1944 and a triangle with arrow inside of the triangle only.

                    There are other small markings that I can't really make out what it is. Either way, it seems to be a well made gun with crappy trigger pull.


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