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  • Walther P38

    Cabelas is selling "excellent condition" German made Walther P38's for $360. Come with two magazines and holster. I love old army surplus guns but don't know if this is the right price point.

    Anyone have one? What did you pay for it? Is it a good deal?

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    That's a post war version, not the ones that were manufactured during (or before) WWII.

    Great gun to have it in collection. I have one that I'm eyeing on right now that were manufactured in 1940's.

    Price is not that bad at all as that's the going price these days. J&G Sales has them up for sale in both post war P38 and P1.


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      Wait, I thought Lockheed made the P38.

      Har, har………
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        They are cool guns, the proper term for the postwar guns is "P1/P38". Aimsurplus has them for 319 with one mag. I would pay attention to how many mags you get for a given price.

        Mine would not work with rem umc fmj ammo....that ammo is too wimpy.

        Just pay your dues, and be quiet :-)


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          One caution with the P38 - the rear sight/slide cover is held on with a single pin. Years ago I fired one, and the pin broke - the entire assembly struck my glasses directly over my eye. Had I NOT worn glasses, I would have lost the eye.

          NEVER fire a P-38 without eye protection!
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            I've been searching for a good WWII issued P-38 in the market, but gosh.... price has gone up on those war relics.

            Too many guns to buy, lack of cash.............


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