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.22 plinker question


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  • .22 plinker question

    I saw some .22 plinkers at Walmart and Dicks the other day, no more then 200$. Anyone have the savage arms models with bolt action? I'm thinking about getting one.

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    Probably best and easiest to stick with a 10-22 or a Marlin 60.

    The Marlin 795 is really cheap and of decent quality for what it is.

    I personally bought the Ruger 10-22 because it has a huge aftermarket and you can basically mod it till no end.


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      My friend has a Savage and loves it, he says they are way under priced for the value.


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        Believe it or not the Marlin 60 is illegal in NJ for High Capacity.

        I hate it here...

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          I have two Savage .22LR rifles. One is a MkII BTVS (stainless thubhole laminate stock) the other is a Cub.

          Both are great rifles.
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            I owned a Savage chambered in .17 HMR. Probably one of the most accurate rimfires I've ever shot.
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              you got the bug now, dont cha???
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                All the Savage .22's are great shooting guns that are real bargains for what you're getting, you wouldn't be disappointed with one and you'll never grow out of it.

                I've got a Savage MKII BV that I've upgraded a bit, crummy pic but you get the idea -


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                  I've owned a few Savage rifles over the years and I agree with WC145! They're very good shooters and well priced. I've owned one of their .22s (unfortunately I sold it) and have a .308 now, while it's not as "tactical" as the MKII above, for hunting it's accurate enough.

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                    I've got a M&P15-22. It's a bit pricey but it's awesome. It's not Savage Arms, or bolt action, but it's worth mentioning.


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                      I have a Savage MK II with a laminate stock and accutrigger. It's a great rifle and extremely accurate. The $200 model at Walmart will not have the accutrigger, but it will still be more accurate than a stock 10/22. The 10/22 is a great rifle if you know what you want out of it and do a little fiddling. If you don't know what you want, you will spend $1000 on it. I did. I love my rifle now, but I wish I hadn't bought a bag full of rails and folding stocks and the like.

                      My first rifle was a savage 62, which is a semi-auto model. Worked great, and was accurate enough.
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                        If it doesn't have to be a rifle try the S&W 22A. It is a nail driver. Very fun to shoot. Get the 5" Bull barrel.
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                          I just went looking through the Savage catalog, and happened to find that they make a LEFT HANDED version of the BTVS in 17 HMR.

                          Guess what I bought myself for my birthday?
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                            Originally posted by LA DEP View Post
                            I just went looking through the Savage catalog, and happened to find that they make a LEFT HANDED version of the BTVS in 17 HMR.

                            Guess what I bought myself for my birthday?
                            This has just made it to the top of my list... okay behind the AR15 & 1911...


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