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Looking for advice on spotting scopes


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  • Looking for advice on spotting scopes

    I'm tired of trying to use my walmart bought busnell scope to see holes when I'm using my long guns. While they work OK for .30 holes at 100 yards, I recently was trying to sight in a hunting rifle at 200.

    I've grown up a little since my 20's and think its about time I by myself a decent scope. I was looking to stay in the 400-700 range. I came across these, but haven't been able to find any reviews -

    The other problem I have is deciding between angled and straight eyepieces. Any advantages / disadvantages between one and the other? The scope's use will be split between big game/ coyote hunting and range work out to 500 yds (non-tactical). Opinions are appreciated. Thanks
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    I use Champion's choice spotting scope with angled eye piece. I am a High Power Rifle competitor so this set up works well for me as the scope is right beside of me and I do not have to make much of body movement (hence I don't lose my positioning/feet position) to see my target through the scope. Also, angled eye piece allows scope to be next to me, not in front of me.

    Leupold manufactures one of the finest scopes in the world so I don't think you would have an issue with their products.

    I've been using my Champion's choice brand spotting scope for past 9 years and have not had any issues with it and was at fraction of cost of Leupold model.


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