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Opinions on HK91 (G3) rifles?


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  • Opinions on HK91 (G3) rifles?

    I have a local gun buddy offering a HK91, with a sighted in scope, 20 round magazine, fixed stock.
    For $900 flat.

    Looks like a fantastic gun; feels heavy which is fine, chambered in the awesome .308, semi-auto.
    Anyone have any opinions on the gun? I have no idea what to look for/expect in this sort of firearm. HK seems to be a reputable brand, but other then that, I'm lost with this rifle.

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    They're good guns to have for a battle rifle platform. Accuracy isn't spectacular, but it's a minute-of-man weapon. $900 for an HK91 is a great price. FYI- G3 variant rifles (HK91, PTR-91, CETME, G3) all mutilate brass, so don't have high hopes to reload anything you shoot out of them.
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      If that is a true HK manufactured rifle, then that is a good price. There are some clones of HK rifles floating around at lower prices.

      HK quality is great. I shot a few and it is a fun toy. You can get magazines at dirt cheap prices as well. IIRC, it was bit difficult to disassemble and reassemble.


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        As M1 said, if it's an actual HK, that's a good price. If it's a CETME, run. That said, I am not a fan of the platform at all...regardless of maker. This is [obviously] just my opinion, but it just doesnt strike me as all that great of a design. Heavy...clunkey...*hitty trigger...horrible sights...I'd take an M1A, FAL, or AR-10 LOOOOOOONG before one of these (which you could do any of for just a couple hundred dollars more). Shoot it before you buy and, if it cranks your tractor, buy it. But, personal preference and all that j***, I'm not a fan.

        That said, HK has a less-than-stellar reputation for customer service to lowly civilians. If you're not a highspeed, low-drag, SpecOps operator (or at least a government agency), they just flat out DGAF about you. It seems to be their opinion that the peasants don't deserve to have anything that says "HK" on it.
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