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  • 1911 Slide stop

    I just bought a Springfield 1911 and find that it is hard to push the slide stop pin out for disassembly. I can get if I use a pin and cloth but otherwise find it challenging with just my thumb. Is this something that loosens up with time?

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    The pin shouldn't be "tight" without any pressure on it. If your sure your slide was positioned correctly during each attempt, I'd have a gunsmith check it out, as it should be easily removed.
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      I have the exact same gun and had the same issue.

      1. On mine it was not the slide stop pin itself that was "tight", it was strong pring tension from the spring that provides pressure to the saftly lever/slide stop. If you have some sort of nylon punch you can easily depress that detent without hurting your finish and you can disassemble it with out a problem.

      2. Yes, it will loosen up over time. I have around 3,500 rounds through mine and it is now very smooth. I noticed it loosen up after about the first 300 rounds or so.


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        I am going to assume that you are releasing the recoil spring tension before attempting to remove the slide stop pin.
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