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IWB holster help (w/ pics)


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  • IWB holster help (w/ pics)

    Carry a Glock 19 off duty, is this normal or are there IWB holsters that will conceal it better? I just don't like that when my hands go over my head and my shirt lifts up you can see it clearly.

    I'm not in the south, somebody sees that here they'll probably yell gun! and send a hundred people running.

    Any advice? Saving for a glock 26 which will help, but for now it's the 19.
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    Get a bigger (longer) shirt or jacket. That's really the only solution.


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      You suffer from the same thing I do: Being skinny. Makes it hard to conceal guns. I carry a Commander size 1911 in a Crossbreed Supertuck Deluxe. It's about as good as I can do, but with just a t-shirt on it's still pretty obvious to those looking.

      Being from Alaska helps, though...not a lot of people crying "gun" here....

      A longer shirt would help quite a bit, though. The old Hawaiian shirt untucked and unbuttoned trick works well, too.
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        Crossbreed and Dom Hum IWB are great choice of holsters. Also, you can look into FIST holsters that are excellent.

        You also want to consider moving your holster more to your 4 to 5 O'clock position to get that concealed bit better.

        Bigger shirts (like button down shirts or polo shirts made out of thicker material) or even a vest would help to conceal it better.


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          It looks like you're wearing your pants awful low; is that your boxers hanging out the top? Pull your britches up to your waist where they belong, and it'll make a big difference.
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            Longer shirt tails, there is a reason dressing Gangsta is loose and sloppy. Get a gun belt, not what ever that is.


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              I wear a undershirt tucked in and and a nice button down "Hawaiian style shirt" (but without the stupid print). Looks semi-dressy but not out of place and works well as the shirt is long enough.
              Man being skinny has nothing to do with I have a 31'' waist and I can OWB a full-sized Glock. It's all about how you do it.
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                +1 crossbreed
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                  Check out Kholster. It is pretty similar to the crossbreed, and has like 32 different settings to adjust.


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                    Thanks guys... What should I look for in a holster? Only the grip should be above the belt?

                    When my shirt is down there's no real problem (meaning you can't really see the bulge). But what seems to happen is if my shirt comes up (like my hands go over my head), the bottom catches the grip and then sits on top of it. That's really what i'm trying to avoid.


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                      Originally posted by fishAK View Post
                      You suffer from the same thing I do: Being skinny.
                      Easily remedied.
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                        If someone sees your gun; so what? They're going to call who? You?

                        Mandatory items are: a QUALITY belt, and a QUALITY holster.
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                          Blade Tech makes an IWB holster that is designed to tuck the shirt in around the gun. I haven't tried that model but the Blade Tech holsters I have tried worked very well. I carried a Glock model 30 and sometimes even a Glock model 21 and there was no printing even with the larger gun. I was able to use it when working undercover.
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                            You can also try Clipless IWB Holsters from www.remoraholsters.com

                            I have it for my Ruger P95 and it conceals well.
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                              + 8 on the Crossbreed.

                              I'm fairly skinny, 5'3, 124lbs and I carry a 1911 compact with a Crossbreed.

                              Most comfortable and concealable holster there is and it's not expensive.



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