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Precision Rifles: show and tell


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  • Precision Rifles: show and tell

    Every other site has one and I hate to have to look through xxx pages in the other thread to find them. Post a pic and tell us about it.

    AI AW 2.0 mike rock 20" threaded barrel AI mount holding down an NXS npr2 8-32

    Here's a five shot group at 100 after I bounced it off the recoil pad 5 times from about 4.5 feet. This is the gun I don't clean and love to abuse.

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    Remington 700 LTR in .308 win. It is topped by a Nikon Buckmaster 4.5-14X set in Leupold rings. It is accurate enough with Winchester 168gr Ballistic Tips to stack 7 rounds under 3/4" at 100yds.

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      I'll play!!!

      My .223 "sniper" rifle; Savage 12FV with a Mueller 4-16x 50mm AO/IR scope and a B&C Duramaxx stock. I've recently swapped out the factory bolt handle for a tactical handle from Sharp Shooter Supply.

      Working on a 75gr load; 75gr Hornady BTHP over H-335, fired at 100 yards.

      My 55gr Vmax load, also over H-335 and fired at 100 yards.


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        AI AE MK I
        GAP barreled with a 24" mike rock
        Converted to 1.5
        Badger M40 rings
        Ziess diavari 6-24x56
        USO bubble letter

        Trust me it shoots as good as the other. And for reference the circle above is a trace of a dime.


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          And here she is against a .22 trainer I had built to go along side her.
          40x barreled action
          1.5 AICS
          Badger base and rings
          Ziess conquest 6-24x50


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            40XCR, 6-284. Macmillon A2, Leo 6.5x20x40 scope. Hart 1-8 twist barrel. Will fire a 75 grain bullet 3750, an 87 grain bullet 3200, or a 105 grain bullet 3100. The barrel is a bit long in the tooth...has probably around 1000 rounds through it...mostly 75 grain vmax, they make one hell of a WACK when they hit a woodchuck :-)

            No saved groups but it has shot under .3 a smidge, and it is solidly under 1/2 moa from the bipod, with dead consistant POI day in day out, year in year out.

            Here is the round next to a standard 22-250. That one is loaded with a Speer 105 grain boat tail, loaded those for Whitetail Deer hunting trip in the UP of MI that did not work out.
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              Did somebody say "precision"?

              Not exactly the same class as the rest, but it's pretty much stupid-accurate.
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                Totally different class than the others, but you didnt say it had to be a heavy barrel rifle.

                Mini 14 .223


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                  Regarding that Mini...does the Accu-Strut really make a big difference?
                  Lt. Col. Grace - "Lt. Murphey, why are you all dressed up to mack on the ladies?"
                  Me - "Sir, you just answered your own question."


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                    The Thousandth Man


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                      Originally posted by Murf425 View Post
                      Regarding that Mini...does the Accu-Strut really make a big difference?
                      Yes. We could tell a big difference as far as accuracy. Even after a couple hundred rounds we were still hitting in a 3-4 inch group. That was while dialing in the scope.


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                        AI AE MkII (pre-Atlas)

                        AI AE MkII (post-Atlas)

                        Old M700:

                        New 700 SPS AAC-SD "Build" rifle:

                        and the bastard stepchild rifle....the AR10 that is currently undergoing some rework:

                        I am sure I have some more around here. I just can't remember where right now.
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