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Sig 220R or Glock 21 SF?

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  • Sig 220R or Glock 21 SF?

    I'm looking for a full size .45ACP handgun and I have narrowed it down to the Sig P220R or the Glock 21 SF. I will be using the .45 for work (court securty). I currently have a Glock 19 and will be using this off duty/CC. I like Glocks consistent trigger pull and the fact I'd have the same gun on duty and off duty. However I dislike the size and how bulky it is. I love how the Sig P220 sits in my hands and feels very natural however I dislike the DA/SA trigger and the low magazine capacity. What is your opinion and would it be a bad idea to use a Sig DA/SA on duty and a Glock 19 off duty? Thanks in advance for any help!

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    The new Sigma, xd45, fn45. In that order, if I was carrying a .45
    Glock would be last.

    Not to many .45 for duty carry that are not bulky.
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      I vote Sig. My next pistole will probably be a Sig P220 SAO. Cocked & locked with an ambi safety (I'm a lefty)
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        If you are going to go for the Sig 220R as your duty sidearm, I strongly recommend that you go with a DAK trigger configuration over DA/SA as DAK will give you the consistency that you are looking for. I'm using 226R DAK as my duty gun and I can't say anything bad about the trigger and the gun. I own quite number of Sigs, including 220 and I love it.

        Now since you've mentioned something about Glock21SF, I can say with confidence that it is very nice gun. I own 3rd gen Glock 21 and if my department approved .45 ACP, this would be the one.

        I'll give you some pros and cons of both.

        Cost - Sig cost more (upper $700s to mid $800 with LEO discount), Glock will cost you less (under $500) as they offer a generous price for LEO and first responders.
        Reliability - both of them are fine, but Sig will require bit more maintenance compared to Glock.
        Accessories - you'll find plenty aftermarket/OEM parts/upgrades for both guns, but it seems to be more cost effective on a Glock (Example. Glock 21SF Mag will go for around $25.00 VS Sig 220 Mag goes well over $35.00).
        Capacity - Glock will hold 13 + 1 versus 8 + 1 on Sig 220. Some will argue that you'll just have to carry more mags and a single stack gun can be bit more reliable.
        Size and weight - Glock is lighter (empty weight) compared to all steel made Sig 220R.

        Also, if you chose to select Glock 30 as your off duty gun, you can use Glock 21 magazines for that gun.

        Both guns are very pleasant to shoot.

        I have no experience in Sigma (except that I shot a few and absolutely don't care for it), XD45 is pleasant to shoot, but not my cup of tea, FN45 seems to be very well made gun, but I have not personally shot it yet.

        Good luck in searching for your new tool and if you get an opportunity, try out both before you make the final selection.


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          Between the two, I'd opt for the Glock.

          Simply because you've already got a G19 as an off-duty piece, having to spend less time (even if it's a DAK) learning a new trigger = more worthwhile investment IMO. And the SF (to me) isn't nearly as 2x4ish in grip as the regular G21.

          I had an older DA/SA P220 and I loved it, but got rid of it for an M&P40 and don't regret it one bit. I enjoyed the Sig, but the M&P isn't going to be a PITA once I start reaching higher round counts for maintenance like the Sig would've been.

          As for the other recommendations, not sure what's on your approved list but the HK45, M&P45 and FNP45 are all very nice pistols too. I personally don't care for the XD/XDM line, but the others I wouldn't hesitate to pickup and fondle for a bit. The M&P will probably be the closest to the G21SF in budget and just as reliable and easy to accessorize with the HK and FNP both being closer to the Sig price and just as "expensive" in accessories.
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            Tough choice, both are quality weapons...
            you check out the SW1911PD???? You can get for @ 800 with LEO discount...outstanding weapon, but not the capacity as the G21...not too bulky either
            I LOVE Sig, but would go with Glock if those were my choices...due to the cost of weapon and accessories

            Good luck and let us know what you get
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              I have been shooting Glocks for a few decades. I bought a Sig and sold it after shooting a few mags. The grip angle and trigger was so different, I really shot poorly. I have no doubt I would have gotten used to it, but I did not want to worry about getting used to the Sig potentially screwing up my Glock shooting since that is my duty gun. I don't have a problem with switching between 1911's and Glocks, or my M&P and Glocks, but the Sig screwed me up.

              It is a duty gun, don't worry about bulk since you are not concealing it. Sell the 19 and get a 30SF and you are set.

              WRT the DAK trigger, it has been awhile since I fondled one, but isn't the trigger reset pretty long on that? Or am I am thinking of something else. That is another issue. When you are very used to shooting Glocks with that short reset, you can have problems with follow up shots on other guns as you don't let up enough to reset the trigger. I love the Browning High Power, but hate the reset on it.


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                The DAK has two resets: the shorter is a bit harder, but was part of the design to make the DAK more 'friendly' under stress. Unlike Glock, the DAK affords the user a repeat-strike capability if you train that way instead of tap/roll/rack.

                The basic 220 R is not "all steel" - while you can get it all steel, the standard comes with an alloy frame.

                Maintenance is not a PITA, either - for less than $30.00 officer direct you get the entire spring & pin set for your (recommended)5K/every 3 years maintenance. It used to be factory recommended 5K rounds/1 year but sometime between my last armorer's course and most recent one they changed this. My oldest 226 is a Tyson's Corner import (25+ years?) and while beat cosmetically is still shooting very well.

                Maybe a consideration for you: Glocks use far less lubricant (five points with trace amounts); SIGs like to run 'wet' - not dripping, mind you, but you do use more product than you would with a Glock.

                SIG 'officer direct' pricing on magazines for classic frame pistols is $29.00 each. The officer direct price on the basic 220 R is $699.00. Their Mil/LE program states that direct-ship is "Not applicable for shipments to CA, HI, MA, NJ, & NY. If you are in one of these states please see our non-letterhead program as an alternative," but the prices should be comparable for officers who have to purchase at an LE-program dealer.

                I vote for the SIG - having five personal ones and one for the job; one of mine is the 220 Match and it is a thing of beauty in performance and looks.

                I don't work for nor am affiliated with SIG in any way, but had Glocks in my younger days and I will most likely not ever again - they have a reputation for being well made, reliable, accurate, etc. but just not the firearm for me. If you must have a polymer frame firearm I cannot recommend the SIG 250 .45 at this point due to no experience and the other (SIGPro)is not available in .45. The M&P seems to have a fine LE following now for features, ergonomics, performance, and company support. S&W has a long, long history of supporting LE in the U.S. and our state troopers swear by the M&P .45 they now carry.
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                  Out of curiosity, unless you are mandated to use a .45 ACP, why not use the Glock 19 you currently own, and are therefore already familiar with?

                  If I were limited to .45 ACP and had a choice of brands, I would likely opt for the S&W M&P45C, which is about the same size as your Glock19. I happen to prefer that size envelope. YMMV
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                    Glock 21SF or P220 with DAK trigger would both be excellent choices. The DAK helps deal with your DA/SA issue you mentioned.

                    I would also suggest you look at the Smith & Wesson M&P 45 (10 round capacity) and the Springfield XDM 45 (13 round capacity). They both have interchangeable grips to help find the best fit.

                    The New HK45 with LEO trigger variant is an excellent choice, but is expensive.

                    Also, IMHO, the Glock 17 or 34 would also be excellent choices. Format and size you're comfortable is not something to trade away just to get .45 ACP.
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