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I need some new shooting drills


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  • I need some new shooting drills

    Any suggestions? We have steel plates , turning targets, etc. I'm bored with the drills we learned in the academy and could use some fresh ideas.
    The only time you can have too much ammunition is when you're swimming or on fire

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    Do you do any stop action drills? If not, you might think about it. They're handy.


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      Originally posted by ArkansasFan24 View Post
      Do you do any stop action drills? If not, you might think about it. They're handy.
      I don't know what stop action drills are... I'll be Googling now.
      The only time you can have too much ammunition is when you're swimming or on fire


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        Found these to be fun and challenging... Enjoy.



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          The last one i tried was kinda fun. Its called a figure 8 drill. Post up around 6 targets. Then walk in front of the targets in a figure 8 pattern. At any given time you are facing the targets, your back is to the targets, or either side is to the targets. Your partner will at random call out target numbers and you have to send lead their way. Simple yet still challenging so its fun. You can change the distance to targets and the pattern that you walk.


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            How about the "live" range on the Arizona border?
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              Originally posted by 55-502 View Post
              How about the "live" range on the Arizona border?
              I'm game.


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                Bring lots of ammo. Just read the AAR from a two hour cartel firefight.
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                  You can check out my youtube channel. I have a few drills and will be adding more as time allows. Shot a couple and uploaded just today.


                  Off the top of my head, in my video's I run

                  - Bill Drill
                  - FAST Test
                  - Hackathorn Standards
                  - 10-8 Pistol Test
                  - Various warm up or reload type stuff

                  - VTAC 1 - 5 Drill
                  - VTAC 1/2 & 1/2 Drill (added today)
                  - Half a Pyramid Drill (also added today)
                  - Various trigger manipulations
                  - Various distance engagements

                  Plus if you want to build an AR/M4 or know how to work over a Glock I have some good stuff for that also.
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                    We always have a good time with car drills.....shooting from the driver's seat, strong side, off hand side....to simulate being on a surveillance or writing a report and being ambushed....we also do drills that simulate pulling up to the local slushy joint and stumbling into a robbery that just occured type scenarios- exiting the vehicle tactically, returning fire while seeking cover etc etc....we've been employing drills on increasing our distance from the vehicle as cover as to minimize richocet hits....

                    Just try to use an older, beat up junker though.....jus' sayin'.....
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                      Have you ever tried shooting from odd positions? (no, there is no sexual content).

                      Shooting from your back?
                      Laying on your sides?
                      Inside your car?
                      Draw from seated position?


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                        Originally posted by Danny216 View Post
                        Any suggestions? We have steel plates , turning targets, etc. I'm bored with the drills we learned in the academy and could use some fresh ideas.
                        You question seems answered, however I think it might bring up another issue which I will note without trying to pontificate too much. Drills, are just that... drills. They are not meant to be fun, or not "boring". They are meant to develop muscle memory so that when the crap hits the fan and you're not thinking straight, you can perform these actions "automatically" so to speak. I encourage you to find new and exciting "drills", scenarios, and all kinds of ways to keep interested in shooting and practicing. However, I also encourage you to keep throwing in the basic "boring" drills because there is a reason we do them and it can save your life.
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                          The Figure 8 Drill mentioned above is good. Here is a video that explains the drill:

                          PDN: Rob Pincus explains the Figure 8 Drill

                          You can require lateral movement after threat presentation. You could put up no shoot targets which would require movement to avoid. You could even post cover stations where you could require the shooter to make their way to after threat presentation. I have also seen target stands set up that represented "preferred backstop" and would require the shooter to identify the threat target, and then move into a position that avoids no shot targets while placing the backstop behind the threat target.
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                            Excellent suggestions all around. These are what I was looking for.

                            Yellowreef, I will continue with the tried and true, I just needed a few things to expand my repertoire.

                            I am treating my shooting drills the same way I treat my D.T. training and P.T., always looking for new techniques/routines... You can never be over trained when it comes to survival. The goal is always unconscious competence.
                            The only time you can have too much ammunition is when you're swimming or on fire


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                              Originally posted by jb5722
                              try joining idpa or one of the similar organizations.
                              +1! I've shot in a couple of matches this summer, one IDPA, one LEO only (similar to IDPA but longer stages + long guns), and I'm going to another one in a couple of weeks. They're a great time and you meet some super nice people. I use my duty gun and gear and I think it's been good for me, there's a bit of pressure due to the competition aspect (being timed, in front of a crowd, etc), and, yes, I know it's a game, but practicing gun handling is always good. You have to be fast and accurate, you have to think, you need to be competent and familiar with your gun and gear. Also, it was thanks to shooting in these two matches that I found a problem with the ambi-safety on my new S&W 1911, something that could have gotten me killed in the real world, so the gun got sent back to S&W and repaired. It's not a replacement for training but kind of like sparring to a boxer, it's an opportunity to put your training to use under controlled circumstances and learn from the experience.


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