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So you want to BUILD an AR15?


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  • So you want to BUILD an AR15?

    I recently did another build on a custom M4 / AR15 style rifle. The original thread on the rifle can be found here

    Since I also just picked up a new camcorder for T-ball season, I decided to film the complete rifle build process. There are a few video's out there so I tried to include my own personal tips, reasons for how things work and feedback on parts etc... These video's are not necessarily short so you can always fast forward to just view the build process. Again, this is not a quickie "put this pin in here" set of video's, so if that is what your looking for, this series may not be for you. I attempt to show various build techniques but I build the rifle using what I consider to be the minimal tools needed for the build, for your average DIYer. I may continue the series with different parts and other modifications as time allows.

    Just some background....A component of my job is to maintain certain weapons systems. One of them is the M16/M4/AR15 platform of weapons. I conduct maintenance schedules and pretty much keep about 70 Colt M4A1's up and running. Amongst other weapons certifications, in particular I have been through the the Colt armorers course and re-cert courses required every 3 years. I also do numerous custom builds and modifications on my own time, for myself and others. So all in all I have been working on this weapon platform for quite a few years and consider this particular weapon to be one of my specialties so to speak.

    Here are the real quick rifle specs

    - Daniel Defense 16" 1:7 barrel (non-CHF version)
    - Troy 13" TRX Extreme Battlerail
    - Magpul AFG (angled fore grip)
    - LMT Front and Rear fixed iron sights
    - Streamlight TLR1 C4 light
    - EoTech 553
    - BCM upper receiver
    - LMT bolt carrier group
    - BCM Gunfighter Mod4 charging handle (now with PRI Combat latch modification)
    - Noveske E Series N4 Lower
    - Armalite Lower Parts kit w/stock trigger
    - LMT ambi safety
    - Magpul MIAD grip
    - Magpul CTR stock
    - Magpul BAD lever
    - Now with Blue Force Gear, Vickers VCAS sling

    As for the build video's they can be found on "my channel" at youtube located here

    The current build takes place in a 15 part series. As mentioned, if I get the time I will post future modifications video's etc...

    Here is the actual series.....Parts 1 to 7 deal with the lower receiver assembly and Parts 8 to15 Deal with the upper and completed rifle.

    *Disclaimer* Be sure that there is NO live ammo in your work area and be sure that all weapons are UNLOADED! ALL WORK ON FIREARMS SHOULD BE DONE BY A CERTIFIED ARMORER OR GUNSMITH. These video's are for informational purposes only!


    Part 1, "Intro"

    Part 2, "Trigger & Hammer"

    Part 3, "Magazine release, Bolt release"

    Part 4, "Safety Selector, Rear Grip"

    Part 5, "Trigger Guard, Pivot Pin"

    Part 6, "Receiver extension, Take down pin"

    Part 7, "Buffer, buffer spring, buttstock, Magpul Battery Assist Device lever"


    Part 8, "Bolt carrier assembly"

    Part 9, "M4 Upper, Daniel Defense Barrel, Troy 13" TRX Battlerail"

    Part 10, "Barrel Installation"

    Part 11, "Gas Tube Installation"

    Part 12, "Troy Battlerail, Bolt Carrier Group, Charging Handle"

    Part 13, "Magpul AFG"

    Part 14, "Completed Upper, Compensator, Streamlight TLR1, LMT Back Up Iron Sights, EoTech 553

    Part 15, "Completed Rifle, Blue Force Gear Vickers VCAS Sling

    Feel free to ask questions or start discussions in this thread, or you can leave comments at youtube and I will try to answer them, or there are other knowledgeable people here who might be able to help. Lets try to keep this technical related on the "how to" build process as there is another excellent thread covering the rest.
    The comments made herein are those solely of author and in no way reflect the opinions of any other person, agency or other entity.

    Surfs Up on youtube!

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    Thanks Surf, your vids are great.

    I'm beginning my first build and will surely look to your posts for guidance.


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      Nice rifle. Thanks for posting the videos.


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        Here is the rifle being test fired, zero'd and I then did some medium range shooting.

        The rifle's EoTech 553 was zero'd at 50 yards and the outer zero was confirmed on a 220yds target. I then ran it at medium range shooting at 235yds, 265yds, 320yds and 400yds.

        Part 1 of 3

        Part 2 of 3

        Part 3 of 3

        I really like how this weapon shoots. Again the Daniel Defense 16" barrel performed very very well. Around 2MOA with a non magnified optic. With an optic at a slower zeroing rate of fire I could probably squeeze out a bit better grouping, but for this class of rifle that is excellent accuracy. The weapon is light in this configuration but is a bit nose heavy. I may bring the EoTech more to the rear and lose the AFG. I had thought about swapping out the CTR stock for a heavy stock as I tend to like my rifles a bit *** heavy. I am very much liking the Troy TRX Extreme Battle Rail. It is very light and well constructed. I am also going to drill a small port on the comp I am running as it works too well in one direction.

        Overall this is a great rifle and great shooter!
        The comments made herein are those solely of author and in no way reflect the opinions of any other person, agency or other entity.

        Surfs Up on youtube!

        Specialized Services Group on Facebook!


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