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1911 or XD for duty?


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  • 1911 or XD for duty?

    Ok long story short. I have always wanted a 1911. Still dont have one. I am a reserve deputy, so I am allowed to carry pretty much whatever I want, within reason of course. Right now I have been using my XD45 for duty. I have never had any problems qualifying with it. I shoot real well with it. Fits my hand like a glove. Reliable as all get out. I am confident with it. So I ask you....why would I want to switch to a 1911? I have a feeling I already know the answer. If it aint broke.....I have wanted one of those dang 1911s ever since watching WWII movies as a kid. So I think what I may do is just get an entry level, GI/MIL Spec type and sh***zam! I have a 1911. I have heard they are easier to shoot accurately. But I just constantly struggle to come up with enough justification to put the XD out to pasture. And well, the 'ole workhorse just keeps working. Our Office is in the middle of replacing Glocks, for Springfield Loaded. Got a new Sheriff in town....literally. And he likes 1911s, so the switch goes on....Anyone care to comment? Or to give me some "ammo" to make the switch???

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    I should clearify myself a little bit.....I was thinking about a GI/Mil spec type just to finally "have one", and to shoot recreationally, not duty. And if anything, I could get used to shooting a 1911 before stepping up to a bigger platform.


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      If you can afford to keep your XD in service and buy a 1911 then I say do it.

      If you really like the feel of the pistol, then you can think about getting one outfitted for duty use. Don't forget to save money for you holster and mag pouches too.

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        Straight up you have to pratice with a 1911...that is not a weapon one just "switches" too..You are going from bascially a double action only weapon to a weapon you are carrying cocked and locked and you have to disengage safties to make it go boom. If you pratice ALOT make the switch, if you are like most cops and shoot when you have to...then don't.
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          It's my opinion that a GI Mil Spec 1911 is not adequate for duty usage. The sights are impractical. The trigger, hammer and components are not all that smooth (comparatively). The finish also leaves some to be desired.
          If you want a 1911 for duty usage, you should seriously think about going to an upgraded model that has tritium night sights, ambidextrous safety, and match grade components that are not only more accurate, but tend to be more reliable.

          Springfield's Loaded, Operator and TRP lines of 1911s are far better suited for duty usage. Also consider Kimber's Tactical II series, Eclipse II, Raptor II or even better, the SIS series (which the LAPD SIS carries).
          A better option would be looking into Para-Ord 1911s. They offer double-stack 1911s that have 14+ rounds in a magazine. The major fault of a single-stack 1911 is that you can only get 8 rounds into a flush magazine. Compare that the higher capacity that you have with your XD, and the XD has a significant advantage. Para's double-stack models are fantastic.

          Just a thought.
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            I'd say go for it. Get a base model Colt or Springer, maybe a STI Trojan. Practice with it and maybe part it up as you go along, then if you feel like it one day you already have a good carry semi-custom 1911. I'm facing the same dilemma (hopefully). Once my dept approves our 1911 policy I have to think long and hard about replacing my Glock 21 with a 1911.


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              If you budget is $500 I would go with any other XD, Glock, M&P etc type of crunchenticker out there and have a good reliable gun. I would not carry a 1911 that was less than a $2000 gun. But I do carry a 1911 as well as Glock, M&P etc. I just do not feel a cheap 1911 is the way to go.


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                The GI is a reproduction of the original. Its designed to shoot 230 grain ball ammo. The Mil-Spec has improved sights, ejection port is flared (aids in the ejection of hallow point ammo, and the barrel si throated and the ramp is polished. I have a Loaded Government and the only difference between the Mil-Spec and the Loaded is the sights ( Loaded has Novak sights) front cocking serrations, dont like but whatever, and extended beavertail and extended thumb safety.

                I shoot with the high thumb hold so if I got the Mil-Spec I would have fitted an extended beavertail and extended thumb safety.

                The internals of the TRP to the Mil-Spec are the same. It just has a checked front strap, and the barrel is fit better and more accurate but the Mil-Spec and Loaded are far more accurate than I am.

                For whats it worth if I have to choose between the TRP and Loaded with money not being an option I would go with the Loaded. And the Loaded just has a couple extra features, I would have gotten the Mil-Spec but the gun shop just have the Loaded.

                In my opinion the closer to the original design of Mr. Browning's pistol the more reliable the gun will be. $2,000 1911 vs. $700 1911 is fit, accuracy and part quality. The original 1911 is as accurate a gun as anyone needs.
                I trust my life with J. M. Browning's design, the 1911.


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                  Thanks for the input folks. I do shoot as much as possible, and not just the required times. I shoot not only during the reserve quals, but the deputy quals and any of the fun shoots. And I also shoot at home as well....Got to love livin in the country. So I have made up my mind. The XD stays in the duty holster. And I will look for a Mil Spec. I figure its a good platform to practice with. Forged frame and slide. It almost like a Chevy 350, just add the perfomance parts later. I figure practicing with a mil spec will give me enough time for when the time comes to go full time and get issued a Loaded. So I will look for a Mil Spec, or a smokin hot deal on a Loaded. Thanks again for the inputs, much appreciated.


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                    I have springfield xd 45, as well as a glock 22, and have had the pleasure of shooting several 1911 variants, and I'd prefer the xd over the 1911, and prolly the glock. Speaking from my experience the accuracy your getting from the 1911 doesnt justify giving up the safety, reliability and ease of use with the xd, btw, my xd will outshoot my neighboors colt 1911 a1 any day


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                      Buy a Glock, M&P or the XD for duty. Buy a 1911 for pleasure...


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                        I've been a 1911 guy for a bunch of years, and carried one through the academy, my reserve time, part-time, and now full-time.

                        I got an XD45 and qualified with it. I carried as duty gun for far a little while, then switched back to the good ol 1911. The XD in my nightstand gun because of capacity and light rail.

                        If I were authorized a light on-duty, I may still be carrying it.
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                          Originally posted by 0311Matt View Post
                          btw, my xd will outshoot my neighboors colt 1911 a1 any day
                          Yes, his "Colt", but will your XD out shoot a Springfield Loaded 1911 model?

                          1911 is an unprotected design. There are lots of good and bad out there. Lots of different parts with different tolerances mixed in with different frames and slides which can make quite interesting platforms in regard to reliability and accuracy.

                          A Springfield GI model will be truest to the original design and the cheapest reliable entry model. For $100 more the Mil Spec model will have 3 dot sights and a lowered ejection port (for improved reliability).

                          Get a good one stock, and leave it alone. Practice with it a lot and then decide if you want to carry it or not.

                          I’ve never had a problem with my Springfield TRP with factory ammo. Now, I’ve had handful of problems with my reloads (but I would NEVER carry those). However, I’m quite adept at clearing FTF and FTE’s under the clock when I compete. So I’ll be all the more comfortable should I get to carry it.

                          My academy time was spent with a Glock 22. So I have thousands of rounds of that as a comparison. I’ve had just as infrequent problems with that as I have with my TRP with factory ammo, and I know for a fact I’m already a few thousand rounds more on the TRP. My Glock has even MORE problems with when I use reloads in it.

                          1911’s carry a personality with them no other side arm does. It’s the kind of personality similar to those LEO’s out there that carry them and say to their peer’s, “you know what, I don’t care what you think. I carry a 1911 because I know how to use it, and know what I’m doing with it”.

                          There is a reason the automatic transmission was invented, and there is a reason why certain people still prefer a manual.
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                            I would guess not, and I'm not knocking the 1911, its still a wonderful weapon, but most LEOS arent going to spend the range time to get proficient with the controls, I just wanted to put it out there, people may be surprised by the accuracy theyll get out of an xd.


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                              If he'll spend the time to learn (and maintain) the manual of arms to the point of reflex, then a good 1911 pattern pistol is a thing of joy.

                              Otherwise, get something with additional safeties and impediments.

                              But I'm a little biased ( http://forums.officer.com/showthread.php?t=135162 )


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