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Bushmaster 9mm AR 15 ? ? ?'s


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  • Bushmaster 9mm AR 15 ? ? ?'s

    Got a new Bushmaster AR 15 9mm rifle and I took it out today for the first time and I am having a issue with the bolt not always seating fully foward which is not striking the round fully and not firing. Doesnt happen every time but then when it does happen and I try and extract that round that has been struck the bolt wont catch the round that is chambered and extract it. Anyone know what could be causing this and what a possible soultion is. If I rack the charging handle enough it then catchs and tosses out the struck round. This norm for a 9mm AR or should I be contacting someone? Any and all info would be a great help.

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    What kind of ammo are you using? I don't know about the AR15 platform with a 9mm but considering the energy needed to cycle the bolt I could see where weak 9mm ammo could cause that.
    Are you shooting FMJ, JHP, regular load or +P?

    I would try a hotter load like a +P and see if that helps.
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      For what ever reason your extractor is not hopping over the rim on the 9mm cartridge. Could be an overly strong extractor spring or a mis-shaped extractor hook.

      As posted above weak 9mm ammo could cause the bolt to be closing too slow to hit the cartridge hard enough that it hops over. The other possibility would be that the chamber is cut too deep and the round is too far in for the extractor to hook over every time. Also check to see if the roll pin that holds the extractor in place is ok and that the extractor is not pushing in too deep into the bolt that it misses the rim of the case.


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