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JP/VTAC Modular Hand Guards


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  • JP/VTAC Modular Hand Guards

    I just finished reading Kyle Lamb's book "Green Eyes and Black Rifles." Excellent book and I'll read it again.

    He uses a handguard from JP Enterprises called the JP/VTAC.

    It looks interesting and I wonder if anyone here uses it and what they think about it.

    I like that you can attach rails where you want them instead being permanently fixed. It gets rid of that cheese grader look of most rail systems. I think it would also be more comfortable than grabbing on to rails.
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    It does look a lot more comfortable to the hand.

    Judging from the pics, it looks to me like it would be a PITA to hang things on unless you hung them prior to installation.

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      A buddy of mine has that forearm. It weighs 10.5oz, about 2 oz more than other railed options. That doesn't account for the extra weight of the bolt-on rail panels.
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        The JP rails were cutting edge and ahead of the game at one time. They are still great rails. You might also like the Troy TRX Extreme Battle Rail or the VTAC Extreme Battle Rail. Like many rails, they are both made by Troy.

        Troy TRX Extreme Battle Rail

        VTAC Extreme Battle Rail

        One thing to be aware of is heat transfer via the barrel nut. One thing about these types of rails as opposed to the "cheese grater" style as you call them, is that the quad rails easily accept rail covers, which help with heat issues in a hard run rifle. Also the rail does come off easily to clean under or re-arrange accessory rails.
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