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A Father's Legacy and a Son's Pursuit of that Legacy


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  • A Father's Legacy and a Son's Pursuit of that Legacy

    Some of my earliest memorys was visions of my father strapping on his gleaming six gun and riding off to fight the bad guys. Like some lone ranger I saw that six shooter as a symbol of power, authority, incorruptablility, and honor. Today I have the honor to take his firearm to a gunsmith I know to get a common problim with Colt Pythons fixed for my Dad. The timing is off causing the weapon to "shave lead," when fired. I look forward to getting it up and running so me and Dad can spend some time at the range. He's a wheel gun fanatic. Carried one for over 30 years. With his Smith and Wesson the man can key hole shot after shot at 25 yards. I can only hope to master the tools of my trade as he has. The story of the gun is that he purchased it when he was a rookie day 1. Nickel plated Colt Python .357 Mag. The serial number V4XXXX says the weapon was manufactured by Colt in Hartford CT in 1979. 28 years later his son followed in his footsteps. I purchased my first duty weapon a Kimber TLE II stainless. I hope that someday my son will revear this and follow the Sauls family Legacy started by my father. I look forward to passing my weapon to my prodginy. Looking at the Colt and fighting back the misty eye I think that even though me and my Dad never really saw eye to eye on many things he has always been and will always be that Hero who strapped on that gleaming 6 gun and rode off to go and fight the good fight.

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    I carried a Smith wheel gun for the first 5 years of my career. Great gun and phenomenal accuracy. Needless to say I was a bit sick when I had to turn it in for a S&W 5906.
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      both nice guns... good to see a family legacy like that, lots to be proud of.


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