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And now the gun safe is empty...


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  • And now the gun safe is empty...

    Well not totally, but today I sold two of my single shot shotguns (a 10 year old 12 gauge and a 2 year old 20 gauge with no front sight), a .22 bolt action, and a Mossberg 500. All together, I got $400 for them. Doesn't seem like a great deal, but all together I only paid $350 for the 4 guns ($100 for the 20 gauge single shot, $100 for the .22, and $150 for the Mossberg and the other single shot... all from friends needing cash).

    I bought the 2 single shots with hopes of me and the wife getting into bird hunting 2 years ago, and the .22 with hopes of getting a .308 and using the .22 to hone in my bolt action skills for future long range shooting. Well, none of those things happened... and none of the guns have been out of the safe since we moved in March.

    I bought the Mossberg for extremely cheap for the wife to use as home defense. Well turns out the wife much prefers the revolver... and just doesn't like shotguns. A year ago I said I would never sell it because I loved the Knoxx stock on it... but then I went a year without shooting it.

    So what I'd do with the money? Why I paid $5 for a LCP 380 and a box of ammo of course! I've been wanting a pocket pistol (my main one is a .38 snubby) for when I go to Publix or the mall here in the nice part of town by our house, where I usually don't carry the snubby just because I'm "Not worried about it."

    And some will say... "But it's only a 380!!!" Yeah... I know... but better than nothing.

    Oh, I'm also selling one of our two snubby's to a friend. Now, when the wife finally does get her CCW, she can choose rather she wants to carry the LCP or the snubby, and I'll carry the other. I was going to use that money for more gun stuff... but it turns out the credit card bills are a wee bit more important than another safe queen.

    But don't fret... the safe isn't TOTALLY empty... the Stag lower is still in that 12 gun fireproof safe with an extra handgun safe and false bottom in it for when I can afford to buy an upper and finish that. Not selling that one... seriously I'm not! Oh... anyone need a gun safe? Just kidding. Maybe.

    Ok ok... let the boos, hisses, What Ifs, and how abouts begin.

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    ADHD much?


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      Originally posted by Jsstritz
      ADHD much?
      That obvious huh?


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