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    I'm currently waiting for 3 handgun permits to be issued to me. I live in NJ. Last Jan, I was drinking the XD coolaid and bought an XD45 Tact and XD9Tact. I liked the XD45 better, but overall, I'm since sold the XD45 and have the XD9 up for sale as well. Holding them in the store and dry firing, they were great, but actually shooting them didn't work for me. Hard for me to be accurate w/ them, and not a fan of the high bore axis. I have 3 Glock 9mm's that I really like but want to get a .45 and would love to get a G21SF, but even that gun is a little girthy for me to get a good hold.

    So, I'd like to give some flavor of the M&P .45 a try. Also wouldn't mind getting some flavor of M&P 9mm. I'm not an LEO, but would have this pistol for HD/range/zombies. Also, recently joined a shooting club and would like to try my hand at some matches. The different backstraps are very appealing to me since my hands aren't that big. I've read that the triggers could use a polish and the ones that I've dry fired in various gun shops confirm this. In doing my research on the M&P, I like the idea of the metal chassis in the frame and I understand the trigger is easily tuneable for the end user.

    So for those of you that have them, would you recommend them? How do you find it's accuracy, reliabililty, endurance, ease of maintenance, etc? Do you prefer them w/, w/out the thumb safety? Recommendations for holsters?

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    Be sure you save some cash for ammo there.
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      I've got the XD45 tactical myself and am not as accurate as with my 1911s, I do like it though and need to practice more with it. he trigger reset is a bit long, my only complaint.

      A business newspaper said the Washington State Patrol was just issued, or going to be soon, M&P 40s to replace their European pistols. I assume that meant Glock or Sigs.


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        We are issued the M & P 9mm. I love it. Great pistol, comfortable, easy to shoot and clean, and I love the interchangable backstraps.

        One of my co workers has the M &P .45 and he says he's been having problems with accuracy on the range. Might be downsizing soon.
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          I have a XD Tactical 45acp. Out of the box it's about the most accurate and manageable 45 I own.
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            I had a M&P 9L for a year or so. GREAT handgun. My only complaint was the trigger. For a such a lightweight gun, a lighter or at least smoother trigger should have been in order.


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              I consider it a pretty strong endorsement of the M&P that James Yeager of Tactical Response has said that if he couldn't have a Glock, he would carry an M&P.


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                I'm a pistol collector and have collected thus far:

                GLOCK 17, 22, 21, 21SF, 34, 35
                Beretta 92D
                Springfield XDm .40
                S&W M&P .40

                Of the above listed pistols I have actually qualified with for duty use, the M&P is by FAR my favorite.

                Even in a .40, where so many people bitch and moan about "recoil," there is very little felt recoil. It is such a smooth firing pistol with every feature you could want in a combat handgun, while keeping everyting simple. The more bells and whistles you have on a gun, the more confusion it can cause under fire when something goes wrong.

                The 9mm will have less recoil than the .40 (obviously) and if you are dead-on the 10 ring, it's in your shooting mechanics.
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                  Your problems of grip size may change for Glocks next year:

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                    I have the M+P 40c and I have no complaints. Fits my hand better than the Glock compacts do. My duty gun is a Glock 22 as a comparison.
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                      Originally posted by 952melvin View Post
                      Your problems of grip size may change for Glocks next year:

                      Looks like a case where competition is a good thing for the buyers.


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                        I currently own an M&P9 as a duty gun and I'm switching to my new M&P45 as soon as my holster arrives.. I love both weapons for how well they feel and shoot. Please make sure you realize that the M&P45 and M&P9 feel very different in your hand, but both are fine weapons.

                        The only issue I've ever had is a gritty trigger out of the box, which is easily fixed during normal trigger practice.
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                          S& W got sued by GLOCK, then later they got the rights to produce a "glock like gun". The M& P, which several officers carry at my dept, isn't bad! and has some "improvements" over the GLOCK ( or maybe just "Differences") If its a "Buy american" issue, to me its an American GLOCK clone- and since I carry a G22, I figure it works just as well...
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                            oopps! dbl post here!.........
                            "we're americans ! We don't quit because we're wrong, we just keep doing it wrong UNTIL it turns out Right"...


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                              Having just switched over from the Glock 22 to the S&W .40, I'm really middle of the road on the S&W.

                              Ergonomically, it has a decent fit in my hands, though I wish there was a palm swell between medium and large. It's a well balanced gun, in my opinion, even more so than the Glock.

                              My complaints are the trigger, is just, difficult. To me, it's totally different to any other handgun I've shot, and it's taking a lot of dry firing to get comfortable with it (which I'm still working on). My other issue with it are the magazines, when loaded with 15 rounds, all three of my issued magazines rattle.


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