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    Does anyone know of a manufacturer that makes a duty belt mountable magazine pouch that will hold two pistol magazines and one AR type magazine. I have seen one person with such setup and the AR mag sits in its own pouch directly behind the pistol mags (between the body and back of pouch). I saw it at a training class and didn't get a chance to ask where he got it. Seemed very practical. Anyone know who makes one and where to get it? Thanks.

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    Why would you want your AR mag on you all the time?
    Keep a double mag stack in your AR and have a go bag with extra mags.
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      Unless you are very large, pistol mags stacked on an AR-15 mag will stick out a lot. I used to carry a 20rd mag on my belt in a seperate holder. Now that Magpul came out with their BAD, I bought a Redi-Mag and carry a second 30rd mag with the rifle.


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        I posted about it awhile back. Check it out HERE

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          Thats the one! thanks Jwise


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