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One more step in the AR10 build....


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  • One more step in the AR10 build....

    I have some OT coming that will finance a new barrel for my AR10 build. In order to have the custom barrel done, I have to have a bolt for them to headspace it to.

    So I call Armalite. The good news is they have a pretty decent individual officer discount. The bad news is that they might possibly have Bolt Carrier Groups by December if we are lucky. Ugh! I am hoping to have this gun done by the new year and ready for competition by February (load worked up and bugs shot out).

    So I call They have bolt carrier groups in stock, but I end up dropping $90 more than if I purchased from Armalite. Since I don't own a time machine, two months is worth $90 to me. It's going to take six weeks for GAP to finish the barrel, so waiting until the new year just for the bolt was not acceptable.

    The barrel is going to cost me the most out of any part on this rifle...but then again it's the heart of the gun. It's going to be a 18" Bartlein, but I am leaving the specs up to GAP. I just told them what I want it to shoot. I also told them I wanted the barrel profiled and threaded for a Badger FTE Brake. Since this thing it going to be big, it might at well be LOUD. Judging by how loud the M110's are this thing is going to clear the line until I can get a can mounted on it.

    Now I just need to get the Badger Stabilizer handguard, PRS Stock and MIAD Grip. I am planning on dropping the Falcon on this rig until I can afford a USO for it. It will get my spare Harris until I can get ahold of an Atlas Bipod.

    It should be a fun little gun. Now I need to stop fondling the receivers. I am going to wear the anodizing off of them before a shot is fired.
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    I wanna try after you've had your fun! Dang, sounds like you been creamin for this for a while now. You got photos during the course of your build? post them when its all said and done. For my 7.62 fun and relatively meager budget I acquired a CETME from Century Arms. Complete military surplus except for lower which is new and made by CA. For just effin around I got no complaints. At 450 it was definately a bargain for an Hk predecessor. When I'm serious and can afford it I will upgrade, probably to a M1A1 Scout (Hathcock version) or a REAL HK. Have fun bro!!
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      I will get some pics of what I have now, but I will definitely try to do a start to finish writeup when I assemble it.

      I just have the complete Eagle Arms / Armalite lower with 2-Stage Trigger and Armalite A4 upper. Once the big parts are out of the way I can pickup the little stuff every couple of weeks. Of course once the rifle is assembled then I have to save for another optic.
      "People sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf." - George Orwell - Ammo Wallets


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