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Bore-sight for M3?


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  • Bore-sight for M3?

    My step-son, an army Ranger, just texted a request for a bore sight for an M3. That is all I know. Anyone have suggestions?

    I'm sort of assuming he's talking about a shotgun, but there are other M3's. Maybe some of you other military/army guys know? Sounds like he needs to replace one from the urgency of the message. Or he could just be messing with me and be talking about a Gustav....I really don't
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    Hope he's not talking about a Bradley.
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      Thats what popped into my mind.
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        Being a Ranger I'm assuming he's not falling for the latest version of "chem light batteries" or a "box of grid squares..."

        If not - and someone more recent should know this - does anyone still have M3 "grease guns" in inventory/back from the dead?
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          Could it be a typo and he meant a laser bore sighter for an M4?

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            He actually meant for his Gustav (sp?) 84mm recoilless....good God, why did he think he could get that on the civilian market? What a bonehead.

            Thanks for the replies, guys, but he's on his own on this one. Apparently his CO doesn't know how to sight these in and had him do it wrong, so he wanted to do it himself since he's the one actually firing it.
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