I've been having a lot of fun with my Universal m1 carbine lately. However, my eyesight isn't the best. All I can manage is a 6" group at 100 yards with the rifle and irons, and I'd like to see if that can be tightened. I'd like to put some glass on there.

As I see it there are only a couple options. The ultimak rail is too far forward for most optics and, sadly, is incompatible with a Universal-length hand guard. Otherwise I could try mounting a PEPR backwards or some such to get the eye relief right.

Many solutions exist that replace the rear iron sight, which will work with my carbine. However, reviews are spotty as to whether these rails keep a good zero and I like the idea of leaving the irons intact on the rifle.

One advantage of the Universal M1 is that it comes drilled and tapped for a side mount base. The base will only work with a couple of different mounts though, and they come pre-installed with 1" rings. Many of the newer scopes are 30mm instead of 1 inch.

Will a 30mm scope fit in a 1" ring? I'd imagine not since it's about 15% bigger, but it's worth an ask.

Anyone know if a Weaver mount designed for 30mm rings that my google search isn't finding?

I ask because I'm enamored with the Millet DMS 1-4 scope (which costs about what I paid for the rifle), which seems about right. 4x magnification, can be lighted, can be pulled back to a true 1x.

Alternately I hear good things about the Weaver Classic K which will fit in 1" rings, but it's a 1-3x and isn't illuminated. The Weaver illuminated scopes are quite a bite more expensive. One advantage here is that the Weaver is quite a bit lighter and smaller than the Millet.