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Kahr P45 quick review


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  • Kahr P45 quick review

    My 200 round review
    Alright, I got out and got to play a bit today with the new P45.

    Before I start my "review," my disclaimer is that I am not a weapons expert and don't claim to be. I have, however, done a fair amount of shooting with a variety of weapons, so I'm not totally clueless, either. I'll keep this fairly short and to the points.

    Reliability: So far it was good. No FTF's at all, no jams or stovepipes. I was using both FMJ and JHP 230grain and had no feed or firing issues. I lubed it before firing, but not during. Exactly the 200th round fired, but the slide did not lock back. That was the only malfunction, and that is probably due to the other 199 rounds with no cleaning or lubing.

    Recoil: Yes, it has a lot, but I found it surprisingly manageable. I also have a Kimber Ultra CDP II, which is roughly the same size and weight, and I have more difficulty with that recoil. It's interesting to note that the Kimber and Kahr have completely different recoils. The Kimber kicks up and twists, which is where I have difficulty rapidly re-acquiring the target. The P45 is an entirely vertical recoil, which keeps you essentially lined up with the target; you just need to lower the barrel straight back down, which allowed for some pretty accurate high-speed shooting.

    Accuracy: From about 10 yards I could hit pretty much whatever I was aiming at. I was in a gravel pit and didn't have any official targets or measurements, so that is just an estimate of distance. I honestly can't say exactly how accurate on a point scale it is because I was shooting empty pop cans, empty auto oil bottles, etc. I wasn't really trying to be super accurate or technical on the accuracy as my main concern was getting as many rounds through the little pistol that I could in a short period of time to break it in. I'll work more on its and my accuracy later.

    Overall impression: I like it. Once familiarized with the amount and type of recoil, I was quite relaxed and comfortable shooting the P45. I need to put some more rounds through it before deciding how trustworthy it will be in the long-run, but so far I am impressed and pleased with the purchase.

    Other notes: The grip quickly chaffed the skin on my thumb knuckle, so I had to put some shooting gloves on. This is not designed to be a high-volume plinker. Custom grips are probably coming as an addition soon, if I can find some. It did not take much time to get used the long pull of the double-action trigger. I was a little concerned about this at first, but it turned into a non-issue for me.
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    I'm curious if anyone could compare the recoil of a P45 with a PM9. I know it's a smaller round, but it's also a significantly smaller weapon.
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