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Troy DOA sights?


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  • Troy DOA sights?

    I purchased a Colt 6920 and have not yet decided what sighting system to go with. I was thinking the Eotech XPS, but noticed the DOA on Troy's website. Are iron sights acceptable for LE work? Or should I stick with the XPS?

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    For LE work: optics are great! Red dot sight systems are fantastic for quick target acquisition. But you MUST have an iron sight back up!

    Remember this: ALL electronics WILL FAIL at some point (this includes every electronic sight ever made). The question is WHEN will it fail? 1 year from now? 10 years from now? 50 years from now? During a gunfight? Nobody knows, but if Murphy has any say in it (and he usually does!) it will be at the most in opportune time. That is why you NEED an iron sight back up to your optics.

    On my last deployment overseas I had my Eotech fail: the zero kept shifting radically. the Eotech was on its second deployment and had been used hard, but this was unsat for me! I replaced it with my issue M68 CCO (worked like a charm!), but I reliably used my iron sights until I could re-zero my M68.

    My point is this: no matter who makes your sighting system it will fail at some point and you need to have a plan B for when your optics fail.

    You should have a set of quality back up iron sights and there are a lot of quality ones out there. Troy Industries makes a great back up sight.

    Good luck
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      Iron sights should be REQUIRED on every LE carbine. As ArcticCop mentioned. Electronics will fail. You have to have something to put lead on target when the lights go out.

      I use a LMT BUIS on my rifle, but the LaRue BUIS is also an excellent choice.

      I have not used the Troy DOA, but due to my training and experience I would probably opt for their standard folding battle sight if I needed a folding rear sight.
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        Are iron sights alone recommended? Would it make sense to just skip the eotech alltogether?


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          If you can afford irons AND an optic, then by all means go for it. The EOTech and Aimpoint are top notch CQB optics and are much faster than irons in the dark. I prefer the Aimpoint because it has been proven to be more durable than the EOTech. The batteries in the Aimpoint will last much longer as well. Some of our guys are constantly finding their EOTech batteries dead. I have gotten more than two years out of the same Aimpoint battery. Handle both and see which one you like.
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