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  • IWB Holster

    Any suggestions on a good, comfortable yet inexpensive IWB holster? Thanks

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    I have Galco summer comforts for each my 1911s and an XD45. Comfortable enough to wear in airline seats...
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      go to JMGholsters.com They make the holster specific for your weapon. there very cheap like 30 bucks for the ITW and they make the one were you can tuck in a shirt. they are very hard when you first get it but it breaks in real nice. I will go back for sure for another. downside since they make it to order it takes about a month to get.


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        Desantis Prostealth model

        I have three and they are awesome and allow me to carry pretty much anything I have that I want to carry off duty concealed without needing a belt.

        It is made of ballistic nylon and has a reversable clip that you can put on either side or the small of your back if prefered. They run between $20 and $26 from a Police Equipment store. You could order it online for probably under 30.
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          I have been hearing alot about three particular holsters. The Crossbreed supertuck, the Kholster, and the Comp-tac Minataur. I like all three but the Comp-tac and the Kholster look cheap as in it looks like it wont last that long. I like the price on the Kholster. Anyone that has any of these please enlighten me. Thanks


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            Crossbreed is an excellent IWB holster. Very comfortable. The only thing I would question is retention during a scuffle.

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              x2 on the Galco summer comfort. i carry my G30 in it every day. i would definitely stick with leather over kydex, much more comfortable.
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                I use a Desantis Cozy Partner for my Combat Commander.

                It works great.

                Make sure you get a great belt to go with your IWB. Crappy pants belts don't let holsters work.

                Amazingly enough I have been using a 5.11 web belt with some success.
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                  Comp-Tac Minotaur FTW!!

                  With my PPS in there, I sometimes have to remind myself that I'm packin'

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                    CrossBreed Super Tuck is where its at. Lifetime warranty. Hand Made.



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                      I carry my Glock 19/26 in a Galco Triton Kydex IWB holster.

                      It has 2 adjustable retention screws and semi-locks in. Holds the firearm pretty tight and has a strong belt clip so won't slip off when drawing (hasn't happened yet). The kydex is great personaly b/c it doesn't mess with the finish of the gun like some leather holsters do. And most importantly its a great concealer and there's no stiffness to drawing and reholstering which is a big one for me. I def recommend for glock leos.

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                        So I finally decided on the Desantis "Tuck This" holster and I absolutely love it. It conceals very very well. Not to mention that it's quite comfortable!


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                          Comp-Tac CTAC is a good option, but not very cheap.


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