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  • weapon selection

    Considering a weapon for the wife. Gun shop nearby has a huge Taurus sale this weekend. Considering the .38 Ultralight vs the Taurus 709 slim (9mm) vs a tazer c2.

    Obviously, the ultralight is a revolver and wouldn't misfire, so that's good.
    The automatic (slim 9mm) is slimmer (duh) and easier to carry.
    But the Tazer, while not lethal, I think would be more likely to be used. No real way of telling but I'm not sure if she would pull the trigger if need be. She's not a big liberal by any means, but I don't know if she would pull until it got really bad.

    Anyway, opinions?
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    The C2 has a little door over the trigger and some people find it a bit difficult to manipulate. Plus, if she only gets a 1-probe hit, she won't have any more cartridges to deploy.

    I'd go with the revolver. Much more simpler, point and shoot. Although, don't be lulled into the idea that revolvers work 100% of the time. Ammo can be bad, dirt/gravel can get lodged into the cylinder preventing it from advancing to the next round, etc.
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