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  • True Pocket Pistol

    It's been a huge inconvenience to strap on a holster (so much that I haven't carried when I probably should have) when I go to walk the dog or drive for a small errand so I'm looking for a true pocket pistol--one that I can actually stick in my pocket and go.

    I have read some good feedback on the Ruger LCP which I think can actually be carried in a pocket. BTW, I am hoping for a gun that fits in a front pants pocket, not a jacket pocket.

    A couple of things concern me about pocket pistols:
    1) My bias that they are not as reliable as larger pistols
    2) They are usually smaller calibers

    So, basically, I want it all! I'm looking for a gun of reasonable caliber that also doesn't have tons of recoil. I actually thought of a snub nosed 38 revolver but I think that may not be slim enough.

    Sugggestions please. Thanks.

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    For a pocket pistol I would consider a Keltec P3AT or Ruger LCP. I carry the Keltec daily and forget I even have it when wearing cargo shorts.
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      I had an LCP for awhile, it's absolutely a pocket pistol. Light, fits fine, doesn't pull my pants down.

      I switched to a PM9 and havent looked back. Only slightly larger in terms of pocketability, but definitely put together much better and shoots 9mm instead of .380. My PM9 has been superior in every way to my LCP. You're going to pay for that quality, but IMHO it's definitely worth it.
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        I've been carrying a Seecamp LWS380 for several months now and really like it. Even smaller than the LCP, they both are .380 ACPs which (IMHO) is as small as I'd want to go for defensive purposes. Close up, I haven't seen a real big difference in effectiveness between .355 diameter bullets fired from a .380 ACP, slightly heavier rounds (same diameter) fired from sub-compact 9mm pistols, and .38 Special (.357 diameter) bullets fired from short barreled (2") revolvers.

        After carrying a lightweight (titanium) 2" barreled, "J-frame" S&W revolver with five rounds as a backup for many years, I feel better protected by having seven .380 ACP rounds in a more compact package. Here's some pics showing the Seecamp with a S&W J-frame and Ruger LCP for comparison purposes:

        Next is the LCP and Seecamp 380
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          I was reading FiremanMike's post, and for about a second, thought I had forgotten that I had already posted to this thread!

          The only difference, is that I started out with a NAA Guardian in .32acp. It is very close to the Seecamp. It was too heavy for some uses (nylon athletic shorts, etc...), and I switched to the Kel-Tec P32. It was perfect all-around, except that it was a .32acp! The P3AT (or LCP) would somewhat cure this, as they are both .380acp, but I wanted something that had more "bite", as I was planning on carrying in the pocket much more than I had previously.

          For this new pistol, I went with a Kahr PM9. It is a great pistol. 9mm, 7 round capacity, accurate, quality fit and finish, excellent sights, and handles well. The drawback? Even though it's frame is polymer, because it is so much bigger than the P32 it is also much heavier.

          For khaki shorts, cargo shorts, or the like, the PM9 is perfect. For nylon athletic shorts, the PM9 is not ideal.

          ETA: Click on the link: "Carry Guns" below for more pics and commentary.
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