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  • Shotgun Light?

    I've recently been going about putting together a patrol shotgun, here's what I have so far: Remington 870 with a 20 inch rifle sighted barrel, tac star extension to 7 shot capacity, and a Blackhawk/Knoxx SpecOps stock. The only thing I am wondering about is this: I am a deep nights officer and because of this, I'm always in the dark. I don't want to spend more on a surefire forearm than I spent on my whole setup. Anybody have any suggestions about a good (affordable yet reliable) light for a shotgun? Can't say I've seen one, am I crazy even wanting a light on my shotgun? I don't have all those rails on my forearm or anywhere else.

    Anyway, thanks for the help!
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    Streamlight makes a mount that fits under the magazine tube cap and retails for about $20. Add another hundred for a streamlight tlr1 and you'll be set.


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      I recommend against that mount! I bought one, as the low price slim form factor appealed to me. It's a piece of junk.

      The mount is an L-shaped piece of steel with a single rail slot on the bottom. Like any thin l-shaped piece of steel holding a weight, it bends. The light is nearly completely unsupported, so it bounces around. If you bump the light against something, the bracket can bend up, jamming the light against the magazine tube, or down, pulling it away.

      What's worse is that the mount, as it sits between the magazine tube and your extension, prevents your tube extension from fastening down. As you fire the shotgun, the tube extension will walk itself out. Seriously, the thing is a POS.

      I also had a problem that my extension tube clamp kept jumping off when I fired the shotgun, so I needed something that helped clamp it in. And, since I'd picked up a streamlight strion (I wanted to have a quick-release mount so I could pull the light off and use it as a flashlight as well) I had a fairly large railed accessory to support. What I bought instead is an airsoft-looking rail from UTG which is very solid, if heavy. Got it here.

      This setup was designed by a guy from thehighroad forums. It looks very slick, but since it doesn't go all the way around either the barrel or the magazine tube I'd be worried that it would walk out towards the end of the barrel when you fired.

      Note that I use a Knoxx stock, so the weapon moves about an inch back and forth very quickly when I fire. It makes things tough on clamped-on accessories!
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