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Do you name your guns?


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  • Do you name your guns?

    For hundreds of years, people have named their arms; from Mountain Men of the new world to Marines of modern day. If you have named some of your firearms, please share what and why. I never put much thought into it myself until as a teen I shot Johnny Reb, Dad's original 1858 Enfield, and Little Britches, a 3lb howitzer.

    Here is some of mine:
    1911A1 - Pride with Prejudice - self explanatory
    AR15 - Uncle Tom - dutiful, long-suffering servant faithful to it's master
    1860 Army Colt Replica - Josey - as in Whales, the outlaw
    Mass. Arms 12 ga. single shot - Jed - as in Clampett
    Jennings J22 - Muhammad Ali - "light as a butterfly, stings like a bee"
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    I don't give names to inanimate objects - not guns, not cars, not boats, not cats - they'll never know their names or come when called, so why bother.


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      Only ones I am very attached to. Right now I only have one that's named. So far I have only seen fit to name long rifles. Pistols and carbines jus get slapped around.

      I guess guys who just shoot for fun, or just strap on the tool belt before they go to work may not understand the attachment to an inanamate object that you cradle and care for 24/7 so it can save your life or the lives of your brothers. Some weapons systems require that you know them intimately to be able to exercise their full capability.

      Warriors sometimes do things that seem strange to others.
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        I do not put CB handles on myself or my guns.


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          My left arm is 1Alpha2 my right arm is 1Delta5, however, I only use the names on special occasions.


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            I have a Winchester 1894 Trapper in .44mag that has been named: Leigh. It was given to me by my father when I turned 18.

            I have a single-shot 12ga breech-loading shotgun that has been named: Thumper (shot my first rabbit with it.)

            I refer to others as their station in life: my "duty handgun", my "patrol rifle", etc...

            Others are referred to by the maker: my "LWRC", and my "Les Baer."

            If and when something momentus us attached to them, they might be named. I don't just think up names for the hell of it...
            J. Wise

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              Sir, the private's weapon's name is Charlene, sir!
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              ― Henry Ford


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                I'd like to get a .50 and call it the "Hammer of God"
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                  Originally posted by WC145 View Post
                  I don't give names to inanimate objects - not guns, not cars, not boats, not cats - they'll never know their names or come when called, so why bother.
                  Lol....I dont name my guns for the same reason....also, have too many to remember their names.....

                  But I disagree about the cats.....my cats listen and come better than my dogs....lol
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                    Originally posted by cbr600_kitty View Post
                    But I disagree about the cats.....my cats listen and come better than my dogs....lol
                    Likely story...

                    I only named one firearm ever... and that was my M2 in the Army... she was Betty...
                    “The man in black fled across the desert, and the gunslinger followed."

                    "You go for a man hard enough and fast enough, he don't have time to think about how many's with him; he thinks about himself, and how he might get clear of that wrath that's about to set down on him."


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                      That should be a DQ question (do you name your guns, yes=red flag ). However, if I named my academy Glock it would be Lizzy. The first three alphas of the SN are LZY and it's how I remembered it easily when asked at inspection (lizzy = LZY).

                      It's a piece of machinery that needs to be maintained and respected, but needs to be tossed out like anything else when it wears out.
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                      "The more corrupt the state, the more numerous the laws."
                      - Cornelius Tacitus


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                        They already came with names. Glock, AR, Kalashnikov, Garand...


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                          Naming guns? Well Ok, I have a .22 derringer that only goes bang sometimes. Since I consider it pretty useless I shall name it......................................MONTY! LOL
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                            This question reminded me of the TV comedy "Sledge Hammer," in which a cop regularly talked to his .44 magnum. I don't remember whether he gave it a name, though.

                            From Wikipedia:
                            Inspector Sledge Hammer of the San Francisco Police Department is a violent, sadistic, insensitive, yet oddly likable detective. His best friend is a .44 Magnum with a customized grip featuring a drawing of a sledgehammer. Hammer sleeps and showers with his gun, and even talks to it. Hammer believes in shooting first and asking questions never. In the pilot episode, he deals with a sniper on a roof by blowing up the entire building with a rocket launcher, then turns to the uniformed cops on scene and says "I think I got 'em"; he also mentions that his favorite charity is "Toy Guns for Tots". Hammer's father was Jack Hammer, a legendary carnival trick shooter whose repertoire of shooting tricks included catching a bullet in his teeth, which saved his son's life in one episode. His mothers name was Armin Hammer.

                            While purportedly a stickler for law and order, Hammer is rather lax when it comes to following police regulations. He enjoys roughing up suspected criminals, whom he frequently refers to as "brain-dead mutants", "yogurt-sucking creeps", and the like. He is often suspended from duty, and his police file requires a wheelbarrow to transport.

                            Hammer drives a beat-up, bullet-riddled, lime green Dodge St. Regis with an "I ♥ VIOLENCE" bumper sticker. He prefers to wear cheap sports jackets, loud neckties, and dark sunglasses. He is divorced, and frequently makes jokes at the expense of his ex-wife (who makes an appearance in the final episode, played by Rasche's real-life wife, Heather Lupton).

                            Despite his irresponsibility and utter incompetence, Hammer always ends up getting his man (or woman), often through sheer luck or brute force. Hammer's unintentionally ironic motto is "Trust me. I know what I'm doing." (Disaster usually follows.) Another expression he often utters is "Don't confuse me", typically in response to any remark that challenges his ridiculously one-dimensional worldview.
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                              Yeah, I call them .45, .40, 9mm, and 12g. LOL, oh, and I also have one I call 5.56.


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