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Rifle add on question.


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  • Rifle add on question.

    Anyone got one of these and if so what do you think?

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    Little expensive huh.....


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      That is the gen II version, which is pretty much the only one you can easily find. Some very much like the gen I models but they are hard to find as Boonie Packer no longer produces them.

      I run a Redi-Mag with a home made adaptation of the Blue Force Gear Redi-Mod alteration. I also ran the BCE with it, until the BAD replaced it. The price for it from Brownells is a good price and a few bucks cheaper if you get the LE pricing.

      The Redi-mag can add some heft to the rifle so a skeletonized version may be worth it to some, especially if you are handy with a dremmel and can DIY it. Also be aware that if you add a spare fully loaded mag the rifle gets even more heavy. It may be a good option for a patrol situation as you will have a spare mag immediately on the rifle in a rapid situation.

      Also be aware that with any other accessory you should take a good amount of time practicing with it. IMO, the Bolt Assist Device goes with the Redi-Mag like peas and carrots. But again dedication to practice is a must.

      This is my work rifle, with a DIY skeletonized version of the Redi-Mag.

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        It's definitely a "try before you buy".

        Lots of guys like them. Lots of guys don't.

        A cheap way to see if you like the way the weapon balances with that addition is to "jungle rig" two magazines together with riggers tape and a spacer. You will find that the extra 30 rounds adds quite a bit to the weapon. I find this can cause a problem when you are opening doors and searching. Then again you are talking to the guy with a big *** weight attached to the end of a 14.5" barrel, so who am I to talk.
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          I tried it once. I didn't like it. A good buddy of mine runs his patrol rifle with one.

          I never felt it was a needed piece of gear, because I believed I could handle any impromptu situation with 30 rounds of 5.56, 51 rounds of .45acp, and 11 rounds of 9mm.

          If I was going to an active shooter call, I would grab my chest rig out of my trunk and throw it over my head on the way to the fight. That gives me plenty more firepower, med kit, and assorted tools.

          If it doesn't bother you, then why not add another 30rd mag to the gun?
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            I have the Redi-Mod and really love it. There is something reassuring to know that you have a reload available with your rifle.

            IMO, the Magpul BAD is a must if you use the Redi-Mag/Mod.


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